Woman Who 'Proudly' Stabbed Nurse 21 Times Is Up For Parole After Just 1 Year In Jail

"Murder gives me a high unlike any other.”

A woman who stabbed her victim 21 times is already up for parole.

As KXAN reports, 20-year-old Pearl Moen was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted murder. She stabbed her victim, a woman identified as Katie, in Austin's Hyde Park in November 2015. 

The victim is shocked. “I felt as though I deserved at least five years of not having to think about this,” said Katie.

In 2016, a diary entry was uncovered in which Moen appeared happy with her act. “I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today – technically yesterday since it’s 1 a.m.,” the diary read, per the arrest affidavit. “It was absolutely fantastic. Murder gives me a high unlike any other.” 

The reason for her quick parole is because attempted murder is not considered a “3G offense,” or, a very violent crime that usually involves a weapon. Those that are serving time for non-3G offenses are eligible for parole when the time served plus good conduct time equals to one-fourth of their sentence – 3G offenders must serve at least half of their time.

Travis County Assistant District Attorney Joe Frederick tells KXANthat prosecutors assumed attempted murder was a 3G offense when they decided on the charge. Moen was initially charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The latter charge was dropped and incidentally, is a 3G offense.

“People make mistakes and sometimes you think logic is going to overrule,” said Katie. “I don’t understand how attempted murder is not seen as a serious crime, and I feel like that’s a complete flaw in this 3G system.”

Moen is eligible for parole in November. Katie, a nurse, is now hoping that letters of protest will help stop that. “Writing a protest letter is the best way that’s going to keep her in prison.”

[Photo: Austin Police Department]

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