'Zoey 101' Star Saved Baby From Car Accident After Parents Allegedly Got High

The adults in the car were reportedly found unconscious and surrounded by syringes. 

Zoey 101 star Matthew Underwood saved a 4-month-old boy from a car crash last Thursday night in Florida. According to People, the accident happened after the infant’s mother and father passed out from suspected drug use.

According to the report, the 26-year-old actor watched a 2003 white Saturn run a stop sign before swerving across six lanes of traffic. Then, the car hit a tree.

Underwood ran over to the vehicle, according to the report, and found a female and male unconscious. The baby was unharmed in the back seat. The actor, known for his role on the Nickleodeon hit show Zoey 101, investigated the scene as his brother called 911. Underwood removed the baby from the car, according to TMZ.  He also took video of the scene before police arrived.

Underwood told TMZ that he couldn't have just driven by without helping.

The unconscious couple was identified as 34-year-old Jessica Ruth Hand and 34-year-old John Jacob Rodriguez. Hand was found behind the wheel with a syringe in her arm, according to the report. Rodriguez was found with a syringe next to him. The infant was in an unsecured car seat.

[Photo: Getty Images]