Kelly on Brooklyn 11223 102: I dont see how we could ever be friends.

I’m not a fan of people who run their mouths for no reason, just because they think they can. If you are going to talk sh*t then expect to be stepped to. Putting aside the rumor, this is why I don’t like Joey Lynn and her crew. I don’t see how we would ever be friends or why we would try. We are two very different groups of people who don’t mesh well together. I do get tired of the drama every once in a while but in the end, right is right and wrong is wrong. If you do something to mess with us you have to deal with the fall out. Joey Lynn deserves what she gets, end of story.

My friends are the best time. Going out with Angelina is always so much fun. We spend the whole night laughing, drinking, dancing and just being ourselves! We never look for trouble but sure, if someone starts with us then Angelina is the best person to have standing next to you. So I don’t regret confronting Amanda and Valona. It needed to happen. The fight at the beach between Valona and me wasn’t finished. I still had a lot to say and for some reason Amanda jumped in when she wasn’t even there. She had no business opening her mouth. When I first met Valona on the beach I thought exactly what I said, “Who are you? You’re a clown.” For some reason Valona thought I was staring at her when I never even looked that way until she made a scene! She was delusional to think that people care enough to look at her. She’s just your typical girl that likes to her run mouth. Blah blah blah. Sit down you clown!

Within my crew, we’re all good friends but we have tempers and strong personalities. A lot of the time we butt heads and say things we don’t mean in anger, which is what happened with Nick and Christie. He knows he shouldn’t have said those things to her because they’re friends. At the end of the day Nick and Christie are friends and they will always make up and remain friends.

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