Kelly on Brooklyn 11223 103: If someone called me a liar, I would be mad too.

By permanenteditor

Before the hurricane, there was a lot of miscommunication between Nick, Christie, and Angelina that led to their big fight. I think in Nick’s mind he might have thought that Angelina was egging him on because she was asking him questions. In reality all Angelina was doing was just that: asking questions. She wasn’t trying to start any problems. I was always on Angelina’s side because I knew she really wasn't trying to cause drama or talk sh*t about Christie. She just went to Nick find out the truth behind the rumors and then things got twisted around on her.

If someone called me a liar I would be mad too and I don't know how fast I would get over it. I believe Christie was just trying to deal with the fact that she thought her good friend Angelina might have been possibly talking badly about her and that made her mad. I don’t think Christie is a liar. But I think she was given the wrong information. When you’re fed stories you’re going to react to them, and Nick didn’t help the situation by adding his two cents to the story. He was stirring the pot and got the girls even more fired up than they already were.

Matt loves and cares about Christie very much. He was only upset with Nick and Christie because he felt that Nick might have said things to Christie that where rude or disrespectful. He felt that he needed to know what was said so that he could protect or defend her.

When the hurricane came, (the real hurricane, not the fight) I stayed in my warm bed and ordered a TON of Chinese food! I watched movies until the TV finally said it was safe to go out. The whole world had shut down! But when it blew over, I went to the nearest bar with some friends and drank because I can’t stay in my house for more than a day!

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