Kelly on Brooklyn 11223 105: Thats what happens when you betray someone.

By permanenteditor

It seemed like Joey Lynn was surprised by how much Carla has changed over the years. But when you trust someone and they do something to break that trust, no matter what kind of relationship it is, it has a ripple effect. No one looks at things the same way again. If someone you trusted enough to tell all your secrets to can hurt you like this, then what about the rest of the world? It puts a negative spin on things. But I wasn’t surprised and I didn’t really care when Joey Lynn reached out through Toni Lynn to speak with Carla. Carla is a great friend so of course Joey Lynn misses her. But that’s what happens when you betray someone in life. You risk losing everything.

Matt and his boys decided to do “Boys Night” in Bay Ridge on a Thursday night at Cebu…like who doesn’t go there? If they didn’t want Christie to come and they didn’t want to run into anyone, they could have just gone into the city. Matt and Christie are both attached to each other. When they need space they will take time apart but they both like to be with each other.

I think Angelina and Anthony are so cute. I loved that she cooked for him because it showed everyone a different side to her. She’s not all about just going out, partying and having fun. She has a very down to earth, good girl side too.

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