Kelly on Brooklyn 11223 106: I really didnt expect Joey Lynn to confess to the truth.

By permanenteditor

I got sick at my kickboxing class with Angelina because I'm stupid and decided to not eat all day before. I NEVER work out and that class was way too intense for me. Otherwise, it was fun to work out with Angelina and Toni Lynn. Kickboxing is fun and a good way to release anger. I had a good time, minus me getting sick.

I don't dislike Joey Lynn as a person; I dislike what she did to Christie. Christie was supposed to be her best friend. Now Valona just rubs me the wrong way because she seems to always be running her big as* mouth for no reason at all. I think she just likes to hear herself speak.

I just laughed when I found out that Nick set us girls up because that's just like him. He gets annoyed with all the back and forth between the two groups, so this was his way of ending the drama. I really didn’t know what was going to happen, but I did know that it wasn't going to end up well at all. We were all forced together in this bar with alcohol and a bunch of bad tempers. There was no way this was going to end well.

I don't think Angelina instigated the fight. At the end of the day, there's always drama because the other girls always have something to run their mouths about and Angelina just called them out on it. It just happened to lead to a fight this time.

I really didn't expect Joey Lynn to confess to the truth. I mean, come on, she had been lying for all this time so I thought she would never giver herself up. It shocked me when all Joey Lynn said was that she kissed Roberto because it just sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t. Like really, all you did was kiss this guy, yet you couldn't say that how long ago?!? No, that sounds like the stupidest thing ever.

I can hope that the fights between the crews are all over, but if I'm being real about it then I know that most likely it's not. Someone is always bound to say something that will piss off another person and then it will be the same thing all over again.

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