Valona on Brooklyn 105: I dont think she expected me to call her out on it.

By permanenteditor

I think it's pretty funny when Joey Lynn gives Amanda a hard time about not drinking enough. It's good that she said something to her about it. That wasn't the Amanda that we knew. We all felt that Sal was a big part of her change in attitude.

Joey Lynn wanting a guy from Wall Street was just another adventure for her and obviously an excuse to go to happy hour! I didn't take her seriously only because I don't think it really matters where she finds guys, she just likes to explore her options.

Joey Lynn has an issue with being social with random people unless she's had a couple of drinks to loosen her up. It's not just with guys though. She is shy around everyone when she first meets them. Me on the other hand, I'll speak to anyone at any time.

I think Joey Lynn had a crush on Jay Jay and that’s why she texted him to come meet us at the bar. She would have never asked him to come otherwise. They've hooked up in the past so it was convenient I guess. But I was definitely NOT flirting with him! I’ve known Jay Jay for a very long time. Long enough for him to tell me what Joey Lynn said to him that made him leave. Flirting is definitely something I wasn’t doing. I could have had that a long time ago!

I was very angry with her when she wouldn’t tell me why she was upset. The thing I hate most is a dishonest person. I'm not saying that she is dishonest. I just know she would have never told me how she felt and I don't think she expected me to call her out on it. At that point I felt like my friendship and loyalty to her was being questioned and that hurts more than anything. I hate finding things out through the grape vine. Either spit it out or don't say anything at all.

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