Valona on Brooklyn 11223 101: In Brooklyn, its like a family.

By permanenteditor

Joey Lynn and I have been friends since we were 13. Her sister, my sister and my first cousin were really good friends and that’s how we got to know each other. Joey Lynn is one of the most caring, generous and outspoken people I have ever met. I wish people knew how much of a good person she is. She is a really good friend and you can always count on her to be there. She’s very giving. If you asked her for her underwear she would take them off and give them to you.

I think the rumors are a big crock of sh*t because I know Joey Lynn wouldn’t lie about it. She would be the first to admit what she did, if she did it. The feud between Joey Lynn and Christie all started a few years back, but of course there’s always unfinished business. Christie won’t let go of the past because she’s never confronted Joey Lynn about it. This one rumor has caused Joey Lynn to lose her best friends. I know firsthand that it hurts to lose someone you were once close to, and Joey Lynn lost her best friends over something that was so stupid and untrue.

When you have a bunch of people talking sh*t about you, they start to believe their own lies and it spreads until everyone believes it. In Brooklyn, it’s like a family. Everyone knows everyone and everything about you. This is both good and bad because on the one hand Brooklyn feels like home, but on the other hand no one knows how to mind their own business. God forbid someone does something a little scandalous. You can count on people from Brooklyn to tell you about it the very next day. I hate the fake ass b*tches that constantly talk and live off the drama.

Growing up a Muslim in Brooklyn wasn't easy. There were so many things that I couldn't do or I was afraid to do because I thought my family would be disappointed. I'm not saying I had a bad life because that's not the case but if I could turn back time I would do a lot of the things I was afraid to do. At first I was super nervous for my mother to see what my real life was like. But I'm an adult now so everything is within my control. I'm only human (we all are). You only live once so I like to live everyday like it’s my last.

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