Valona on Brooklyn 11223 103: It was not the end of the world.

By permanenteditor

It’s definitely time to move out! I want to be on my own and learn how to be more responsible. I don’t want to have to depend on or answer to anyone anymore. I wanted to live with Amanda because we have been friends for so long. She knows everything about me, flaws included. Likewise, I know everything about her so I know that we would be good roommates for each other. Joey Lynn would make a great roommate too. She’s a lot of fun and you can count on her to pick you up when you’re down. That’s what you need in a roommate. Someone who can make you feel good every day. But I think she likes her privacy and would want to be on her own.

I always knew Sal and Amanda would wind up together when we were younger. I love them together! I just think her parents had different hopes for her and who she would end up with. I think at first they didn’t feel he was right for her but it’s about what makes her happy! Him being late, in my opinion, was not the end of the world. Amanda gets annoyed very easily. I would have been annoyed but I wouldn’t have gotten that mad. That girl has a short fuse though and it doesn’t take a lot to get on her nerves! Everyone handles things differently.

There was obviously a reason why Nick asked Joey Lynn out on a date. At first I thought maybe he wanted to get information out of her, but I’m not quick to judge. Maybe he really just wanted to go out on a date because he was interested in her. You never know. I just think it might have a caused a bit of an issue with Christie and her crew.

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