Valona on Brooklyn 11223 104: The other girls were being party poopers!

I was SO excited to go to Miami because it was my first trip away with just my friends. I couldn't wait to party! I’m not going to lie, at first I was worried that Joey Lynn’s partying would be hard to keep up with but I figured I could handle anything. Bring it on Joey Lynn!

Our flight was at 5AM that morning so of course we were going to be exhausted the first day. Joey Lynn made us feel like we weren’t being fun enough but it was a long day! I wasn’t annoyed at all when she tried to get us out of bed because I’m not usually a bore. I just wish I wasn’t so tired. It didn’t help that Amanda and the other girls we went with were being party poopers! Normally I can party until the sun comes up at any given time. I think it just kicked my butt being on a plane so early. Lesson learned!

In the beginning I wasn't homesick but towards the end of the trip all I wanted to do was get my butt back to Brooklyn. But I had a good time. I loved lying by the pool and all the funny things that happened on the way back from the club.

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