Valona on Brooklyn 11223: I got more satisfaction laughing at them than fighting back.

By permanenteditor

My relationship with my mom has always been bittersweet. I knew she was always there for me, but there were always so many things I couldn’t tell her. I felt like I couldn’t tell her about my tattoos because all my life I grew up knowing that she was so against things like that. She really is an amazing mom but sometimes even when I’d just joke about it she would get mad. I felt like I had to keep it to myself. I decided to finally tell her about my tattoos because I am older now. I am an adult and I don’t feel the need to hide anything from her. This is who I am, and it was time for her at to accept that.

I expected her to not speak to me for a while. She was upset but I think she realized that there’s nothing she can do anymore so she just had to accept it. I didn’t expect that reaction. I don’t regret getting my tattoos one bit. I wouldn’t ever get them removed because this was a choice I made to mark my body with something that meant something very important to me. It is a part of who I am now.

The fight between me, Amanda, Angelina and Kelly outside the bar was so pathetic! I had no energy to argue with those girls. They were both smashed and one doesn’t fight without the other. Honestly I got more satisfaction laughing at them than fighting back. I wouldn’t ever care to become friends with them, even if Joey Lynn resolved her issues with Christie. Once I don’t like someone, it stays that way and nothing can change that. There’s a reason we’re not friends, so let’s keep it that way.

Ohh Brooklyn guys…some of them are cool but some of them are straight douche buckets! But hey, I think anywhere you go, you have your fair share of the rotten ones.

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