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Living in Fear

S2/EP12 |
Aired: 07/29/2019
A case of identity theft in the Arizona desert takes a blood curdling turn when investigators make a ghastly discovery in the most unlikely of places. Was a beloved man living in fear and will retracing his steps expose a devastating truth? 43:54

Fatal Secrets

S2/EP11 |
Aired: 07/22/2019
Investigators in York, Pennsylvania, enter a dark world of buried secrets after a couple makes a stunning discovery in their backyard. A brother appears desperate to find his sister, but in a strange twist could lead detectives to a staggering truth. 43:54

Deep in the Cornfields

S2/EP10 |
Aired: 07/15/2019
Federal agents descend on a tiny Ohio town after a beloved girl goes missing. Fearing their cornfields harbor a terrible truth, theories abound and panic spikes in this serene community. It’s a race against time as investigators close in on a killer. 43:54

New England Nightmare

S2/EP9 |
Aired: 07/08/2019
A murderous ripple spreads through a lovely New England town when a ghastly discovery is made in a backyard barn. The search for answers uncovers troubling questions about a doting mom and everyone is a suspect until the truth is finally uncovered. 43:54

A Deadly Plea

S2/EP8 |
Aired: 07/01/2019
When a long-held secret in Florida threatens to expose a deadly truth, investigators work to unravel a baffling mystery. Did the dark life of a beloved mother put her in danger, and will a husband's desperate plea be the key to solving this case? 43:54

Gone Girls

S2/EP7 |
Aired: 06/24/2019
When a man and his dog make a disturbing discovery in a backyard beach, a series of horrifying events unfold in a sleepy South Carolina town. Investigators fear no one is safe as they desperately track a killer potentially hiding in plain sight. 43:54

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