Q&A With Wendy Williams: Putting a Face on "Internet Gangsters"

By Oxygen

TV personality Wendy Williams was sick and tired of the haters out there. People talk plenty of smack behind her back, but never to her face -- until now. In this exclusive Q&A, Wendy tells us all about the inspiration behind Celebrities Undercover, and why she decided to Executive Produce a hidden camera show that exposes haters for their true, cowardly selves.  Read what Wendy learned from her experience on the show (she’s a participant, too!), and what she has to say to her fans, her haters, and other celebrities here!

What inspired you to do a celebrity transformation show?

People say a lot of mess about celebrities. In the social media world, celebrities are able to go online and see nice things and horrible things written about them – but these people on the internet wouldn’t have the guts to say it to their face. The show gives celebrities the opportunity to put a face to all the ‘internet gangsters’ of the world.

So the aim is to teach the gossips a lesson -- not the celebrities?

Honestly, everything the celebrities hear on the show -- they’ve already read! If anything, the fans and the haters are learning something, and that is: these celebrities don’t take themselves as seriously as some may think. The wonderful celebrities on this show are all good sports. Kim Kardashian knows people question the size of her butt. Lil' Kim knows that people show love and some people show hate for her career. I already know that people say I can’t dance or sing, or that I talk too much, but we have people participating in this show who are good sports about it. We’re not hurt when people say these things. If anything, the fans actually love us more when we reveal we were there to see it all. We show even the most skeptical haters that we have thick skin and we are able to take it!

What advice would you give to celebrities who can’t take the hate?

Get over it! What we do is better than digging a ditch! Stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously!

And what would you say to the internet haters?

Come from behind your computer! Let’s check you out and talk about your life!

You put on the makeup too…what is it like to sit in all that makeup and be someone completely different?
It was an interesting science experiment, and it was big fun. One of the most comical comments that my Wendy watchers said is: “she talks too much!” Duh, I’m a talk show host!  My makeup took two hours to put on. They expected it to take four hours, but I’m not the type of celebrity to go out and smoke a cigarette or get on the phone with my agent while we’re trying to get work done. It took half the time to get things done with me.

What did you learn from being on this show?

That people are braver talking about celebrities behind their backs, but when a celebrity enters the room -- whether you love this person or if you hate that person -- people are basically cowards! They have no guts! Your hater will be the first one to take a selfie with you! Really? What happened to all that mess you talked! In conclusion, most people are basically cowards when faced with the truth, and the truth is: your celebrity walked in the room…what are you gonna do now?!

Thanks Wendy! Tune into Celebrities Undercover Tuesdays @ 10:30/9:30c!

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