Maria Revisits Her Painful Past

By Maria Menounos

Last night's episode of Chasing Maria Menounos was one of the more painful ones. You would think the pressure to face Keven's mother (referred to by Keven as "Mother") and tell her Kev was converting to Greek Orthodox would be enough anguish -- but it was the tip of the iceberg. Along the way to Mother', Kev took me on a detour down memory lane. Those memories were amongst the most painful I've ever endured.

Kev was my first boyfriend and he wasn't Greek. That led to my family pretty much disowning me for nearly two years.  If you're a fan of the show you know that, but what you may not know is that my dad stopped paying for my college, too. I was broke and stuck with ton of student loans. Around, the same time, Kev had quit his job at MTV to invest in shooting the movie that brought us together - but the negative for the film ended up getting stolen. The two of us were pretty much living a tragedy and were just about homeless to boot. Nance or "Aunt Nancy" was a dear older woman whom Kev had always cared for. She allowed us to live in her unfinished basement along with Joe, who still lives with us today as you also have seen on the show. To make ends meet, Kev and I sold sausages outside Fenway Park. Kev also worked construction by day and tended bar at night.  

I can only imagine what going from MTV Head Writer to that must have felt like -- but he did it without blinking. He paid off both our debts, while I remained heartbroken for both of us. Yet, somehow Kev never lost his resolve.  I'll never forget listening to Howard Stern interviewing a big star on the radio in the basement and Kev saying to me: "You'll be on that show one day.  We'll make it happen."  I was thinking "I love this guy but he IS insane." We couldn’t have been further away from that goal. But that was Kev! He never wavered when he believed in something, and to this day never does. He promised me he'd get us out of the situation, fix things with my parents and make me a star.

I promise I wasn't with him back then just so he could make me a star. I would have stayed right by his side selling sausages. I loved him that much and even more today. But he was true to his prophesy as he usually is. When he saw Beth Behrs ripping tickets at the Geffen theater when she as a junior at UCLA, he knew she'd be a star, too. He put her in our movie without auditioning her and months later she was starring on Two Broke Girls. Kev has this thing where he sees talent in people that they don't necessarily see in themselves. Whether it was with me, Beth, a number of other stars, AfterBuzzTV (now the largest online broadcast network) or even my EveryGirl brand, he has a long term vision few others have and this insane and selfless will to see visions through. He assured me my parents would come around if we stuck to the plan and he was right about that, too. And when my dad came around, Kev never held a grudge. He forgave my family for that they put him through and welcomed them with open arms.

I'll never forget calling Kev from the set of Howard Stern just two years removed from living in the basement. It was the first of many of his predictions to come true. Going back to Boston and seeing the basement was painful but it reminded me how blessed I am and just how much Kev has done. He has put his personal dreams on the back burner for me and countless others, working seven days a week and barely sleeping to do so. I'm hoping that people who see this episode, and the series, get to know some of that. I also hope that people learn about true love, partnership and devotion to one another and to judge your partner by the size of his or her heart above all else.

As far as mother goes, well, that's an ongoing saga. You'll see much more of that as the series unfolds so please keep tuning in!

From Maria's Facebook page

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