Maria's Friend Rachel: "Never Underestimate Maria"

By Rachel Zalis


I first met Maria 12 years ago when I was the West Coast Editor at Glamour magazine, and was doing a story on "A Day in the Life of Maria." The funny thing is I had seen her around at parties and always thought she was so beyond gorgeous, but assumed she’d be somewhat serious and inapproachable. All it took was five minutes of her crazy laugh (and a few too many sake bombs) to realize this woman was one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, unaffected people I had ever met. By the end of spending almost 18 hours together for our shoot, we were not only best friends but I had convinced her to give up her fast food addiction (yup she credits me for saving her life :))

Over the years, Maria has become more than just a friend. She's become my sister (we like to think she and Kev are honorary members of the Zalis family). The beauty about being "sisters" is that no matter what happens, good or bad, we can always be honest and support each other, and the next day is always a new day. I’m also totally in awe of her relationship with Kev. I've never seen a couple spend that much time together and still want to spend more. When they invented the phrase "I've got your back" it was def about those two. Now if only Maria can get me to give up my bad boy addiction (she owes me right?)

A few things I've learned over the years: Never bring Maria courtside to a Lakers game when she's wearing her Celtics gear, under no circumstance take her up on a game of knuckles (just ask Will Ferrell), do not engage in any food eating contests (she will win every time) and never, I mean never, underestimate her!!!!

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