Meet Maria's Dad: Costas Menounos

By Oxygen

Costas Menounos

Costas is a 69-year-old Greek immigrant who feels nothing short of 25! He is the father of "Extra" host Maria Menounos and husband to Litsa. Retired for more than a decade, Costas still works 14-hour days doing handiwork around Maria and Keven's home and studios. Described by Keven as a "wild man from the mountains," he will loudly and proudly tell you that the Greeks invented work, partying, and dancing, along with pretty much everything else. He is a type one diabetic of almost 50 years, yet between his diet and attitude one would never guess. He is strongly opinionated and wants nothing more than for Maria to get married and have children; he will stop at nothing to make sure that happens. Costas and Maria will either stand united as partners in crime or clash over his unwavering opinions. He may literally be the only person in this world to stand in Maria's way!

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