The Inside Story from Joe the Security Guard/Friend

By Joe Gear

I first met Maria on set of Keven’s film 16 years ago. At first sight, I thought "ohh great! Another pretty girl to do nothing but distract everyone from doing their jobs and they will chase her around all day!" Boy was I wrong! She did nothing but kick ass and take names from her first day on. She came in and organized everything and everyone (me especially!!). She was making deals for the film that even our best producers couldn't get done!! She wanted so badly for the film to succeed, she was working 18 hour days for free. She did all the grunt work, too, like making coffee and cleaning up trash. 

The film ended up getting stolen and Kev went from being an MTV Head Writer to just about homeless. His L.A. "friends" turned their backs and he was decimated. It was a rocky road with Maria and I from the start. I've been protecting Kev since I was 17 and I wasn't sure what her intentions were at first. But when I saw what a good friend she was to him, especially during that time, things got a whole lot better between us. 

It wasn't until filming was complete that she started dating Keven. And that's when her parents turned their backs on them and basically threw her out of the house. So, she moved into the basement with the rest of us, and that's when I really got to know what an amazing girl she was with a huge loving heart and a beautiful soul. I was working construction outside in the dead of winter and she was going to school not far from my job. One day, it was probably zero degrees out. As I was standing there with a jackhammer I noticed someone waving to me at the fence. I went over and it was Maria standing there with a large hot chocolate and a brand new pair of thermal pants for me! It still brings a tear to my eye when I think of what she did for me that day. 

All these years later and I still love her just as much. She's still keeping me in check and keeping me organized. She's still there as my friend, sister, boss, and shoulder to lean on. I love our car rides together because we just let loose like little kids sometimes. Whether it's cranking the tunes full blast and singing at the top of ours lungs, or putting the phone on speaker and calling random friends and torturing them by phone. Or teaming up to make fun of Kev. All these years later, I'm equally close to both of them and am often pulled in the middle and expected to take sides! 

I love them both so much. I wouldn't have that, or our story, change in any way.  

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