What Is Maria Like Off Camera? Her BFF Tells All!

By Alyssa Wallerce

Maria and I met in 7th grade geography class. We helped pass a note between two girls and happened to stumble across some juicy gossip! Once class was over, Maria and I hurried to talk to each other about what we'd just learned. We realized we could not be any more different. Maria is an extrovert where I am an introvert. Maria has always jumped in front of a camera, whereas I'm pretty sure there was a 10 year period where nobody was able to capture me on film. It's for this reason that I think our friendship works and continues to work, even though our lives have led us down very different paths.

I always knew Maria would achieve success. Always a hard worker, she was never afraid or above getting her hands dirty! And she always looked good doing it. Whether she was trying or not, Maria got attention wherever we went and whatever we were doing: Not just for her looks, but for her kindness and fun loving personality. And of course - who didn't look our way when Maria broke out in her "laugh". Maria has always been a wonderful person.  She is generous, sincere and is always smiling - and that more than anything attracts attention!

I think I ground Maria.  It takes a lot to impress me or WOW me - so I don't think her success has changed the core of our friendship. When I fly to California to see her,  I don't want to go to nice restaurants or get decked out to go to a crowded hot spot.  I want to sit by her pool, have drinks, and just talk. Our friendship has stayed strong for almost 25 years...I think that says it all.  Loyalty is important to Maria - she surrounds herself with people she can trust - and apparently I am trustworthy!

Keven and Maria have been together forever. Keven has always encouraged and promoted Maria to be the best that she can be. He has never doubted that she could attain the success she has. They make a great couple - couples should be supportive and help each other to be better people, and keven and Maria do just that! Do I think they should get married?  Well,  I say yes just because that would be one FUN wedding! But ultimately I don't think it would change anything - they are committed to each other with or without the state saying it's official. As for children.... Hmmm...... It would be interesting!  I will say - I think Maria and Keven can succeed at whatever they put their mind to. But.... I think where Maria and Keven are right now in their lives, it may not be the best decision for them. I think Maria needs to wait until she feels 100% ready and I am not quite sure she is there yet.

I think I give Maria a sense of normalcy, consistency and comfort. I think when I am around she feels "home". She knows I am there for her and nobody else. She knows I was there before her success, and she knows I would be there with or without the success.  Some people are surprised to find out that Maria and I have stayed friends...This always annoys me! Why wouldn't we still be friends?!

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