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Chicago P.D.

In a Duffel Bag

S3/EP20 | Aired:
May 4, 2016
An investigation is launched after an abandoned newborn baby is found by the lakefront. (40:48)
Chicago P.D.

If We Were Normal

S3/EP19 | Aired:
March 30, 2016
Intelligence attempts to expose a man kidnapping wayward young women. (42:54)
Chicago P.D.

Kasual with a K

S3/EP18 | Aired:
March 23, 2016
The team finds themselves looking into a kidnapping at a hidden shelter for women. (42:20)
Chicago P.D.

Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb

S3/EP17 | Aired:
March 2, 2016
Intelligence becomes embroiled in a violent robbery case that put Halstead in the line of fire. (41:44)