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What Puts You On That Ledge

S2/EP16 |
Aired: 02/25/2015
Antonio heads undercover with a dangerous robbery crew after a narcotics officer goes missing. 42:24

What Do You Do

S2/EP15 |
Aired: 02/18/2015
Burgess and Roman tackle a dangerous smuggling operation with no means to defend themselves or call for help. 41:52

Erin's Mom

S2/EP14 |
Aired: 02/11/2015
Lindsay's mother becomes involved in a gruesome robbery-murder case. 41:44

A Little Devil Complex

S2/EP13 |
Aired: 02/04/2015
Continued from Chicago Fire "Three Bells," Firehouse 51 enlists Intelligence to help corner the arsonist they believe killed Shay. 42:07

Disco Bob

S2/EP12 |
Aired: 01/21/2015
Intelligence is forced to sort through a complicated web of clues surrounding the murder of a mother and her daughter. 42:54