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Death Among Him- Part 1


The Case Behind the Billboards

S5/EP10 |
Aired: October 6, 2018
Kelly and Johnny Bonds uncover new details in the tragic 27-year-old unsolved murder of Kathy Page, a case that shocked a small town and inspired the award winning film “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” 01:05:45

Pain in Pawhuska

S5/EP9 |
Aired: September 29, 2018
Kelly and Steve Spingola investigate the brutal slaying of an Oklahoma teenager whose night of cruising and partying turned deadly. Could a scandalous town rumor have led to her death? The team searches for justice 22 years later. 43:54

Bound and Burnt

S5/EP8 |
Aired: September 22, 2018
Kelly and Johnny Bonds investigate the twisted murder of a new grandmother strangled and set on fire in an abandoned school bus. Things get personal when the primary suspects turn out to be her next door neighbors. 43:54

Preacher's Mother

S5/EP6 |
Aired: September 8, 2018
Kelly and Steve Spingola investigate the brutal slaying of beloved mother Eloise Payne, who was stabbed 38 times in her Michigan home. A mysterious car spotted in the area may hold the key to identifying her killer. 43:54

Danger at Dawn

S5/EP5 |
Aired: September 1, 2018
Kelly and Abbey Abbondandolo investigate the cold-blooded murder of a fun-loving Texas country boy shot in the back of his head. Could it be the result of a love triangle gone tragically wrong? 43:54

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