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Crime News What To Watch On Oxygen

Cold Cases, Con Men, And Caught Killers — What True Crime Shows To Watch That Put Justice First

In Oxygen shows and specials like "Cold Justice," "Seduced By Evil," and "Final Appeal," the focus is placed on finding justice, whether it's for victims or the wrongfully accused.

By Erik Hawkins
Kelly Loni Kate

Long unsolved cold-case murders and anonymous killers. People in power taking lives and escaping the consequences. The wrongfully accused sitting in prison while real perpetrators go free. Justice doesn't always come swiftly, and sometimes it can take years or decades, so these Oxygen series and specials are all about the detectives, scientists, attorneys, and victims' friends and families who never give up in their quest to find justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Whether you are searching for a deeper look into infamous cases like the McMartin preschool scandal or the mysterious mansion death of Rebecca Zahau, or want to watch a team of experienced prosecutors and investigators re-examine — and sometimes solve — baffling, years-old cold cases, Oxygen's slate of shows about the pursuit of justice has you covered.

It's easier than ever to dive into Oxygen's slate of shows about seeking justice, with full episodes available streaming on your TV, smartphone or computer, wherever you are. Watch episodes with the Oxygen App, available on iOS and Android by simply entering your cable, digital or satellite TV subscription information — or take advantage of three free credits Oxygen offers for watching without signing in. Most shows are also available on AppleTVAmazon Fire TV and Roku and through Chromecast. Individual episodes can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and Google Play as well. 

Shows that are in-season can be streamed live with your Sling TV, Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV subscription. And you can always watch whole episodes right here at Oxygen.com by entering your cable subscription information. Pick the platform that works for you and start your streaming search for justice with Oxygen! 

Nancy Grace 2

Veteran TV legal analyst Nancy Grace handpicks shocking true crime stories and brings her legendary victim-advocate perspective as she takes viewers inside the fight for justice. Since testifying as a witness at the trial of her fiancé's killer in 1979 and working over 10 years as a prosecutor, Grace has worked to bring crime victims to life. Each episode of “Injustice” details an investigation leaden with dead ends, unjust sentences, or false accusations. Episode 1 features a case Grace herself has a very personal stake in, as a friend and colleague seeks justice for his murdered wife.

Injustice With Nancy Grace Sneak: The Story Of Shele's 'Accidental Drowning' Made No Sense To Friends, Family
Relentless with Kate Snow Premieres Friday, October 4th

Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Snow highlights the stories of victims of unimaginable crimes, their families, and ordinary people who never gave up the fight for justice. Meet incredible people like college student Abby Honold, who was brutally raped and turned her trauma into a fight for victims' rights nationwide; and Lisa Wheeler Bowman, who took to the streets herself to hunt down her son's killer, and later entered politics to help put an end to violence on her streets.

Lisa Wheeler-Bowman Challenged The 'No-Snitch' Culture To Solve Her Son's Murder

And, speaking of victims seeking justice, take the unbelievable case of Derek Alldred and his victims. Alldred was a master manipulator, using disguise and emotional trickery to seduce women into relationships with him under a number of different personas. His goal was the same with each, however: Drain them of their financial resources and use them to support his own lifestyle before he moves onto the next victim. But Alldred didn't count on the resourcefulness and guts of some of the women he conned. This Oxygen special features intimate interviews with Alldred's victims, who ultimately helped bring him down.

Seduced by Evil: Kimberly Attempts to Escape from Derek Alldred
Uncovered McMartin

Oxygen digs deep into the 1980s “Satanic Panic” that turned into a modern-day witch hunt with shocking charges of ritual abuse, molestation, and murder against the innocent workers at a Manhattan Beach, California pre-school. The most expensive trial in history resulted in no convictions, but captivated a nation already swept up in a mostly fictitious hysteria about Satanism infiltrating society — and left many ruined lives in its wake. Check out this shocking two-hour special for the inside story of the McMartin family.

The McMartin Family Trials: The Letter That Started A Firestorm

Nineteen-year-old Jessica Chamber's murder by fire shocked the community of Courtland, Mississippi. The investigation into her torturous death — she was set aflame using accelerants, suffering burns over her entire body — and two subsequent trials of the chief suspect, would capture attention nationwide. Chambers' murder case remains officially unsolved, as suspect Quentin Tellis awaits a possible third trial for her killing. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger produced the five-part Oxygen docu-series taking a close look at the facts and the controversy swirling around the search for justice for Chambers.

The Killing of Jessica Chambers 104: The Timeline of Events
"Up And Vanished" Payne Lindsey Talks Oxygen Series

Inspired by the blockbuster Payne Lindsey investigative podcast, Oxygen's one-hour special took viewers deeper inside — and beyond — the painstaking investigation into Georgia beauty queen Tara Grinstead's 2005 disappearance. The special picks up after the conviction of Bo Dukes and and as Ryan Duke awaits trial for his alleged role in Grinstead's murder.

Season 2, meanwhile, finds the team taking on the mysterious disappearances of Jodi Huisentruit; Korrina Malinoski and Annette Sagers; Kristal Reisinger; Molly Miller and Colt Haynes, and Jennifer Kesse. Catch up and join Lindsey and his team as they seek answers and justice for the families.

"Up And Vanished" Payne Lindsey Talks Oxygen Series
Rebecca Zahau

The 2011 death of Rebecca Zahau at the Coronado, California mansion of her boyfriend, billionaire Jonah Shacknai, was bizarre enough to spark multiple theories. Zahau's family has long disagreed with authorities' conclusion that she died by suicide, and the controversy led to a multi-million-dollar wrongful death lawsuit and an official re-investigation by the sheriff's department. The case still eats at many, however, and Oxygen's limited series sets former prosecutor Loni Coombs, crime journalist Billy Jensen, and forensic criminologist Paul Holes on the case. The star-powered team of investigators look at the evidence, re-enact Zahau's death, and uncover startling new information in an effort to find justice for the family.

Death At The Mansion: A Close-Up Look At The Evidence In The Rebecca Zahau Case

Former prosecutor Loni Coombs joins athlete and exoneree Brian Banks — who spent close to six years in prison on a fabricated rape charge — to dig into cases where innocent people have been convicted of heinous crimes. Banks and Coombs speak with defense attorneys and prosecutors, and enlist the help of forensic experts and investigators to search for the truth that just might be able to set the innocent free and help them find the ultimate justice.

Final Appeal Preview 104: Dontae Sharpe
Matthew Shepard 5

This powerful two-hour Oxygen special examines the United States' hate crime epidemic, speaking with experts, investigators, and the families of people who were murdered just for being who they were. The brutal dragging death of Matthew Shepard and its seismic impact on American culture is explored in the special, as well as the murders of James Byrd, Heather Heyer and Blaze Bernstein, and the Islamophobic 2017 train attack. It also follows many of the family members' continuing fight for social change and justice.

Harrowing Audio From Portland Train Attack Reveals Depth of Christian's Hate
Cold Justice 520 2

One of Oxygen's most thrilling series is also its most impactful. Former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler and a rotating team of investigators team up with local law enforcement to re-examine cold-case murders that have left authorities baffled and families without closure for years — and they get results. The “Cold Justice” team's work has helped bring about 45 arrests and 18 convictions, and the latest season features five arrests in murder cases going back as far as 31 years. Catch up on the first four seasons, which are packed with shocking revelations and sometimes include incredible footage of police confronting and arresting their suspect after a successful investigation.

'Cold Justice' Team Recreates Scene Of Heyzel Obando's Shooting