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Crime News What To Watch On Oxygen

Want To Zone Out While Stuck Inside? These Oxygen True Crime Whodunits Give You A Fix In An Hour Or Less

Oxygen originals "Killer Motive," "License to Kill," "Deadly Cults" and more offer some of the wildest true crime content out there.

By Courtney Brogle
Oxygen Shows To Watch

For die-hard true crime fans, there's no such thing as too much content to watch. From murderous doctors to literal killer couples to mysterious murders, Oxygen offers a host of series and specials dedicated to telling the full story behind some of the craziest cases to date. Detectives, attorneys, and medical professionals, along with victims' families and friends, piece together the tragedies and search for justice in each case.

If you're looking to take a closer look at doctors with a death count, complex lies that lead to something far deadlier than ever imagined, serial killers who leave a telltale signature with each crime, or all of the above, Oxygen's slate of shows offers the wildest yet entirely true crimes.

It's easier than ever to catch up on the latest episodes of Oxygen originals, no matter what true crime content you're in the mood for. Watch episodes on Oxygen.com or with the Oxygen App, available on iOS and Android; viewers get three free watch credits from Oxygen, but providing your cable, digital or satellite TV subscription information grants unlimited viewing access on the available episodes.

In-season shows can be streamed live via Sling TV, Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV subscription, and most Oxygen programming can be found on AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku as well as Chromecast. For those who want to rewatch episodes over and over again, individual episodes can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and Google Play.

And of course, you can tune in and watch episodes live as they premiere on the televised Oxygen channel.

This "Snapped" spin-off series takes a particular look at murders in which, rather than a single partner plotting or committing a murder, a couple works together to commit a heinous crime. Each episode recreates a case with firsthand accounts of how the romance began, how the relationship soured into one of manipulation, and what led the couple to commit murder. The murderous duos range from teenage torturers to couples with a vast age difference, and even include pop culture phenomenons Nicholas Godejohn and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

Killer Couples 907: What's Washed Up
Killer Affair Sneak: Could Her Relationship With A Dancer Have Driven Someone To Murder?

These intensely personal tales on crimes of passion feature in-depth interviews with friends, family and investigators, who trace where the affairs began and how it ultimately resulted in a body count. Twists and turns in the cases and a heightened examination into the hearts and minds of evil-doing lovers ultimately result in justice for the victim. 

Killer Affair: Yelenic's Home Was One Of The Most Gruesome Scenes Police Had Ever Seen
Accident, Suicide or Murder: Morgan Ingram's Mysterious Death

Each episode retraces the investigation into a mysterious death initially attributed a death by accident or suicide. Detectives and victims' families analyze cases from start to finish in a quest to uncover the truth behind these untimely deaths. A date's red flags turn into undeniable evidence, odd behavior points fingers at potential suspects, and twists and turns throughout the cases' development reveal what really happened.

Paul Holes Investigates Cold Case Murder Of Colorado Man
Buried in the Backyard: Alma Zuniga's Body is Found in a Backyard Lemon Orchard (Season 2, Episode 18)

Just because you seemingly have it all doesn't mean everything is as peaceful as it seems. "Buried in the Backyard" examines crimes that start in the backyard upon the discovery of a body. Law enforcement and detectives piece together the victim's identity and what led to their death. The horrors lurking behind the white-picket fences are investigated, and justice for the victim will prevail.

Buried in the Backyard: Erica Miller Vanishes from York, Pennsylvania (Season 2, Episode 11)

"Deadly Cults" recounts the horrific homicide cases in which cult leaders used their status and popularity to manipulate followers into committing murder. In addition to the murder investigations, the show explores the psyche of the "cult leader" icon, who exploit their followers and fill their heads and hearts with fear and toxic ideas of right vs. wrong. Cult experts and formerly devout followers weigh in on the case to provide firsthand insight into what led loyal members to commit lethal atrocities.

Season 2 returns to Oxygen on Sunday, April 26 at 7pm ET/PT

Deadly Cults: Adolfo Constanzo Wanted to Sacrifice an American Tourist (Season 1, Episode 4)
Killersiblings 800x450 Showthumb 093019

Some siblings have rivalries; others team up for murderous endeavors. Each episode looks at a different set of brothers and/or sisters who partnered together to commit sophisticated and gruesome murders together. Drug dealers whose clients began disappearing and scorned lovers who enlist the help of the victim's siblings to carry out the hit order alike will make you question your own familial relationships.

Killer Siblings Premieres Sunday, October 27th
Killer Motive: Blue Fibers Were The Only Evidence On Kedarie's Body

Esteemed journalists Stephanie Gosk and Troy Roberts report on and delve deeper into homicide cases across the country. In each episode, viewers learn not only how a case was solved, but dive into the mind of the criminal who committed these heinous crimes. From targeted LGBTQ hate crimes to shocking family massacres, "Killer Motive" keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they learn the driving factors behind certain homicides.

Killer Motive: Savanna Went To Brooke's Apartment And Never Came Out
License to Kill: Jeff Glidewell Wakes Up After Surgery By Christopher Duntsch

While most doctors are dedicated to helping others, others use their advanced medical knowledge to carry out horrible crimes. Host and professional plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow takes viewers through both well-known and obscure cases in which medical professionals knowingly put the patients who trusted them into grave danger. Dubrow highlights cases including the serial killer nurse's aide dubbed an "Angel of Death," the "Dr. Death" neurosurgeon who paralyzed over 30 patients, and a respiratory therapist who used his "magic syringe" to kill upward of 60 patients.

License to Kill Bonus: Visiting Serial Killer Michael Swango
A Lie To Die For Sneak: Forensic Pathologist Ian Hood Was Certain Stefanie Rabinowitz Was Murdered

Some lies are so earth-shattering that people will go to great lengths to keep the truth from getting out. Aside from the murder committed in an effort to keep a lie intact, the show focuses on the psychology of dishonesty and the anxiety of being caught in a lie (although in some cases, one lie spirals into a complex web of them). Between friends suspecting something is off and "colossal red flags," the truth always comes out.

A Lie To Die For Bonus: Detective Played 'The Mother Card' To Get Eric Hanson To Talk

"Mark of a Killer" examines the disturbing patterns serial killers display throughout their murderous spree. Whether they steal from their victim upon death, leave a hint that they are a repeat offender at the scene of the crime, or use a specific method to target victims, survivors and victims' families attempt to piece together what spurred these series of events. Investigators examine their trademarks as they solve the mystery and seek justice. 

Season 2 premieres on Thursday, April 9 at 9pm ET/PT, kicking off Oxygen's "12 Dark Days of Serial Killers" event.

Mark of a Killer 101: A Tip About the Gainesville Ripper