Tinder Stalker Survivor Who Was Stabbed 11 Times, Doused With Gasoline Shares Powerful Message

"I remember one distinct thought — I am going to bleed to death."

An Australian who was woman was stabbed 11 times by a Tinder date who stalked her, broke into her home and doused her with gasoline, recounted her harrowing story to Australia’s parliament on Tuesday.

“As I saw his knife rise and fall it took a while for my brain to comprehend that he was actually stabbing me,” Angela Jay said, according to the New York Post. “I remember one distinct thought — I am going to bleed to death.”

“I eventually found the strength to pick myself off the ground only to be met by a shower of [gas],” she added in her testimony on behalf of White Ribbon, an advocacy organization for victims of domestic violence. “It ran down my face and through my hair. It burned my eyes and I coughed as the fumes began to choke me.”

Jay, who had previously filed a restraining order against the man, then ran for her life. A year after the 2016 attack, she is now advocating for domestic violence leave.

"One year on, I am beyond grateful to have escaped with my life. Yet my thoughts are always with the 71 others [who lost their lives as a result of domestic violence in 2016] who were not so lucky. [...] I can only too vividly imagine what they must have felt in their last moments, and I can’t begin to fathom how their family and friends could even begin to make sense of such a tragedy," she said.

“What does White Ribbon mean to me? It means the difference between life and death,” Jay said.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also attended the White Ribbon event, and he is now pushing the Labor government to back 10 days of domestic violence leave, saying that false claims of domestic violence would be unlikely.

“I’ve never met a victim of domestic violence who goes through the process of domestic violence … just to get the leave,” he said.

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