Woman Pleads Guilty to Hiding Her Dead Babies In Trash Bags Under A House

Her mom believes she had been pregnant 10 times, although she could only account for three children.

A North Carolina woman has pled guilty to hiding two of her infants in trash bags underneath her mother's home.  As News and Observer reports, 41-year-old Bridgette Morgan Smith pled guilty for failing to report a death.

Back in 2016, the remains were found when a relative, James Morgan, found two black trash bags under the house while doing cable work. Per the search warrant, he described the contents of the bags as “squishy.” When he looked inside one bag, he “recognized that it contained remains of something once living."

Authorities found the remains of two infants. They were wrapped in separate trash bags, with towels around the remains.

Smith's mother told authorities that her daughter battled a drug addiction her entire life, including meth and cocaine. She believes that Smith had been pregnant 10 times, although she could only account for three children. According to her, Smith would do things like abandon her newborn at a hospital.

According to the District Attorney, Susan Doyle, DNA evidence shows the remains were related to Smith. The medical examiner’s was unable to say whether the children were born alive. Doyle said there's physical evidence that suggests they were. “This defendant showed an utter disregard for the lives of her children. She chose to treat them like trash.”

Smith was sentenced to serve a minimum of six months (and a maximum of eight months) for each count as part of her plea.

[Photo: Johnston County Jail]


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