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Criminal Confessions

Midland, TX

S2/EP6 | Aired:
November 10, 2018
Kathy Lujan, a married mother of two young boys, is believed to have run away with one of her lovers. Detective Rosie Rodriguez chases a trail of evidence and suspects that reveal the truth about Kathy’s whereabouts. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Jackson County, WI

S2/EP5 | Aired:
November 3, 2018
A community bands together to search for a missing woman. Police are unable to solve the case until they speak to her husband’s close friend and learn some startling information. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Marion County, FL

S2/EP4 | Aired:
October 27, 2018
Devoted mother of two, Heather Strong, disappears leaving her two children with her estranged husband, Josh. As Josh becomes an obvious suspect, an unlikely and sinister offender emerges. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Belmont County, OH

S2/EP3 | Aired:
October 20, 2018
A homicide of a beloved young coal miner sends shockwaves through a conservative mining community. As multiple suspects arise, detectives try to determine if the killing was a robbery gone wrong, a crime of passion, or possibly a hate crime. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Largo, FL

S2/EP2 | Aired:
October 13, 2018
A kind hearted single mother is found brutally murdered, inside her own home. Three potential suspects quickly arise, all claiming innocence, and it’s up to the Largo Police detectives to find out who is the cold blooded killer. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Mountain City, TN

S2/EP1 | Aired:
October 13, 2018
A gruesome execution style double murder of a young couple shakes a small mountain community in Eastern Tennessee. With no evidence or DNA left at the crime scene, police rely on the rumor mill and their instincts to try and identify suspects. (43:54)

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