1-mile run.

By permanenteditor
Since this week the cast is going back to high school prom, I decided to take it back to the presidential fitness test you had to take during high school, and one of those tests was the 1-mile run. We worked hard on our running skills and endurance, and this especially helps out the cast's endurance while performing their dances. I had the cast try to beat their initial mile run time we did at the very beginning of training. Everyone improved their times significantly!

This actually brings me back to when we did the mile run for the first time. I remember Sarah saying that her parents are athletes and that she has never been athletic and ran a mile before. She came in with determination and banged out a mile. She was so proud of her accomplishment, as was I. She set her mind to it and did it. A very important lesson is setting goals! We used the treadmill for this task but I also had the cast run in place. I would have them run in place for a 100 count, each knee raising as high as you can to count as one.

*You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

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