180 Degree Squat Toe Touches

By permanenteditor
We've made it thru to the 4th week of training and are kicking ass! It's Hip Hop week and we are starting to intensify the workouts. It's funny, sometimes I tell the cast what we are about to do and their jaws drop in disbelief and horror. I start to get excuses on why they can't do something and then once I push them through, they are so proud of their accomplishment. I tell you, the mind is the biggest obstacle!

With it being Hip Hop week, I focused the 180 degree squat toe touch into their workouts.

It's great for getting the heart rate up and working the core at the same time along with burning the legs. I'm not exactly sure what each dance is going to be, but I know that this exercise will help them improve in all aspects. 20 each side.

*You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

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