At this point our bodies are telling us to stop and slow down.

When we ran up the 13 flights of steps all I could think was OMG! Can I please just take the elevator?!

I started off by pacing myself because I wanted to make it all the way, and then I ran up a few flights and by the 7th flight I was done for. I just kept saying ok 6 more flights to go and the countdown began. Once we got to the top my only question was “is this our workout for the day?” and the answer of course was NO and “the general” said, “See you all later”.

Once we were at the top, Mel B told us this week’s challenge was Hip Hop and that we would have a choice of who we wanted to battle. So no one picked me or Kiki, and by default we had to battle each other. I don’t think Kiki nor myself was too happy with this decision. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other, but we had already been down this road and we didn’t want to battle again.

I was excited about the challenge, just not about how it was going down.

I thought that our step performance was great. I thought we had great energy and we brought stepping to the DYAO stage, and I was honored that Kiki and I got to do it first.

When Mel B stated that it has been a tough week for everyone, she is right because at this point our bodies are telling us to stop and slow down. No matter how hard we push, our bodies are fighting against our mind. Going into this week, Lee had told us that we would start to hit walls, so we would have to push harder. When I got on the scale and saw 3.1 lbs, I was really in shock because I pushed so hard in the gym. We ran so hard this week that I even had an asthma attack and had to take a breathing treatment, and that had not happened to me in years. Still, I knew that at that moment that to stay in this competition, I would have to push way harder than I had pushed. It is time to step my game up!

To read fitness tips from Lee, read his blog here.

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