Episode 2 - Let's Get It Started

By permanenteditor
When I first saw the house that myself and the other contestants were going to be living in I thought, this is something I can get used to!

There were 2 mini dance studios in the house, and a huge kitchen, what else could we ask for? We are 12 people that love to dance and eat, so this place was like heaven for us.

When we sat down at our first dinner together, I was hoping that there would be money under our plates, (LOL), but I was okay with the chicken strips and fries. After all, I love chicken strips! What I wasn't happy about was the calorie counts that were revealed to us after we ate our favorite meals. I knew I was eating unhealthy and that was why I needed to be on the show, but when I actually found out the number of calories I was eating and I thought of how many times I would eat that in a day, it made me sick to my stomach. That was the moment I knew I needed to change my life.

Upon arriving at the dance studio, we had to run to the mirror and choose a dance style. The dance style that I chose was booty cranking, an all too familiar dance for me. I knew how to do this dance before I could even tell you right from left, so I was ready to burn up the dance floor. When I saw that Kiki was partnered with me I thought, "O LAWD," this girl has way more butt than me and I have to crank my pancakes extra hard!

I had never in my life eaten a vegetable until I stepped foot on this show. When I told my cast mates they all started chanting eat it, eat it, so I said "I am here to make a change," and I put my first piece of broccoli in my mouth. From then on it is history. I eat vegetables all of the time, I love them, and I try to eat them at least twice a day.

My first work out with General Lee was exciting. I was ready to see how bad he would kick my butt, and I must say it was a good change to my life. To be honest I didn't expect to be working out for so long, but I loved it and felt good. When I was done I actually wanted to work out more!

While rehearsing I hurt myself doing a split and ended up tearing my hamstring. I was nervous that I would be pulled out of the competition because I couldn't walk and I needed to perform, but after they took me to the doctor and she told me to ice it and just play it by ear I was ready to hit the dance floor.

My first performance in front of the judges was amazing I wanted to win their hearts over. Dave Scott was a guest judge and he's someone that I admire in the dance world, so I wanted to make a lasting impression. I wanted him to remember my name, and it felt great being able to perform my heart out for all of the judges.

Going into the first week I just kept thinking about how much weight contestants had lost in season 1 during their first week, so my goal was to lose at least the same amount. When I saw that I went above that I shocked myself. I wanted to jump off the scale and tell Mel B to check it again! I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I was very pleased and at that moment I knew my life was getting ready to change.

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