Episode 2 - Let's Get It Started

By permanenteditor
I am so honored and lucky to be a part of this experience.I was in shock when I first saw our house!!! Move in day was so very special for all of us! I live in a studio in Hollywood, so for me to go from a one-room apartment to a Bel Air mansion is just CRAZY!! I couldn't wait to tear through that house and inspect every nook and cranny. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL and we even have a POOL!!!

You'll find that I'm the one that's always very paranoid about every little surprise that comes our way...our dinner plates were no exception. I was worried that they would pull some kind of Survivor sh** on us! THANK GOD it was my favorite breakfast food meal!

After eating pretty much every last bit of that meal we were told to lift the plate and inspect the amount of calories that we had just consumed...1900 calories in one sitting is NOT GOOD and I can tell that this competition is going to be the wake-up call that I need!!

I was immediately drawn to dancing Pop Jazz not because of the fact that Britney's name was mentioned, but simply because Tiana, our choreographer, focused on the "lines" aspect of this particular type of dance. I felt like I could definitely pull this style off without a hitch!

At the time of this first challenge, the contestants and I hadn't really experienced everyone's dancing ability, so I was going into my rehearsal not knowing how talented LaToya was. I was more concerned with focusing on myself, and not the others. I quickly realized that I'd have to "bring it" every week NO MATTER WHAT, OR WHO, I'm up against!!

Not only do I love to dance but I love to watch others dance. When I'm the observer I always look for the beauty in the dance and quite frankly, my issues with looking in the mirror are related to the fact that I just don't find myself beautiful enough to perform these amazing dance pieces. It's very hard for me to look at myself in a full-length mirror and think that I have anything to offer other than a good laugh or joke at my expense.

I want everyone to know that I am a really nice person most of the time, but this first workout with Lee our trainer just about pushed me over the edge! I HATE TO SWEAT and honestly, I had no desire to workout that first time (I KNOW, that's what I'm here for). I used profanity and anger to try to power through that workout and I know neither one will be of any assistance if I plan on making it to the end of this competition!!

Let me tell you people...I have had many blessings in my life when it comes to performing. I have performed in front of 20,000 people at one time, but putting my dance skills on the line to be judged by people I barely know is SCARY AS HELL!!

When I stepped on that scale after our first competition, I prayed as hard as I could and couldn't believe the amount of weight that I lost in ONE WEEK. I am so honored and lucky to be a part of this experience and I never want to take one day for granted. I will work hard not only for myself, but also for all those people that want to be here as badly as I do but don't have the same opportunity. I want to continuously make EVERYONE proud of me!


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