Episode 7 - Ballroom

By permanenteditor
We were all so excited for this week’s challenge. We had no idea what to expect. When Lisa Ann emerged performing a full out ballroom routine, I was completely blown away. It was such a pleasure seeing Lisa Ann perform for us. It was also a bit scary realizing we are going to have to perform for her and our talented and handsome Guest Judge Alec Mazo. They set the bar so high with their amazing routine. It was the best introduction for an incredible dance style, and I couldn't wait to get started. Alex and Lisa Ann were incredible. It became so evident why they are ballroom champions. Such a joy to watch!

Receiving a package from home was bittersweet. On one side of the coin, the love and support and little trinkets from home were a great reminder of how much I was loved and missed. On the other side of that coin, my feelings were magnified, and I missed my family and my friends so much and realized how much time I had spent away from all of the people I love. Probably the most memorable moment with my care package was when I received a letter from my father. I had no idea he was on top of my whereabouts and I was so touched to read that he was thinking about me. My Grandmother, being the most amazing person I know, always hooks me up and this was no exception, I loved the dresses and card…and lets not forget about the cash! My mom gave endless amounts of support and made sure I received notes, cards and letters from all of my family and friends. I was really grateful for that package and re-energized for the week. Great Day!

Words cannot even explain how thrilled I was about getting my weight in the 170's. It made all of the sacrifices I made throughout the show completely worth it. It is an amazing thing when you realize that you are in complete control of your destiny and you can accomplish anything. I had been struggling with my weight for so many years and now I had achieved something that I never in my wildest dreams ever conceived to be possible. My heart was filled with so much pride and happiness and joy. I wanted to continue my success!

My Jive performance to the song ‘Glamorous’ was really fun for me. I have an emotional attachment to that particular song. It was my mother’s favorite song for nine months and I knew I had to give a great performance and do the song justice. Being that I never had any professional training, the Jive was completely foreign to me. I had all the faith in the world that Oskar would make all of this look good and help me pull it all together. All in all though, I must say that I was excited for a super feminine number, and taking on the challenge of mastering the Jive. I was nervous but excited for another opportunity to show the judges that I had what it takes to make my Jive routine everything it needed to be! Loved dancing with Oskar this week, so much fun as always!


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