I did win the Ass-a-thon.

By permanenteditor
Being at the Rhumba Room was so exciting! To walk in the doors and immediately be greeted with amazing AMAZING Latin dancing! And then for Mel B to just appear in the back of the room and dance her way front and center to share with us the challenge reveal, that this is Latin week, was so cool.

Then our wonderful head choreographer Tiana explained to us that we were about to have a mini-challenge called an Ass-a-thon. We were taught 4 counts of eight that we had to repeat over and over, and we would be eliminated if we missed a step, stop dancing, or got off rhythm. Then whoever won would get an extra point added to their total dance score. This is so exciting to learn our first bit of Latin choreography and have the chance to gain an extra point. It’s a really big deal because it could help keep you in the house if you’re at the bottom or give you the chance to have the highest total score in the house if you’re near the top.

When Mel B told us that we had 30 seconds to pick a partner to dance with for the week, I looked around and pretty quickly saw that practically everyone had a partner. Then I spotted Latoya still looking for someone, we saw each other and decided to team up. I think Latoya is one of the most beautifully trained dancers in the house, and I’ve always found when I dance with dancers who are better then me in classes, I always am pushed and dance better. So by performing with Latoya I hope that she will push me. I would also like for the judges to notice that I am trained too, and I am just as good as Latoya.

When Tiana said, “Katie you won!” I was surprised because I was the only person left in the front row, so I didn’t know what was going on behind me, and I didn’t hear Tiana call Latoya’s name out. So I looked around and asked the room, “Oh wow, did I really win?” and Latoya responded promptly, “I forfeited, so yea you won.” I don’t want to win something because my opponent forfeited, but everyone in the house made me feel better by assuring me that Latoya did in fact miss a step and was off rhythm twice, and that I should feel proud and confident that I did win the Ass-a-thon. I really was feeling conflicted and am so grateful to have this amazing cast of people to go through this experience with. (On a side note: this is the hardest thing I have ever done! If you are overweight and want to get healthy, get your mind wrapped around it and do it now! Don’t wait because it’s so hard, but as you can see we’re doing it, no matter what your weight loss goals are, you can achieve them, we can achieve them together!) So, getting back to winning the Ass-a-thon, I thought to myself, this is my week. This week I get to dance with one of the best dancers in the house, show the judges that I am a contender, and possibly win with this extra point.

In rehearsals I really enjoyed learning the Cha Cha. It’s a style that I have never studied and as hard as it was, by performance day I was feeling pretty good about it and ready to show the judges how much we were able to learn in 5 days. When Lisa Ann said that Latoya and I danced too much “like a lady” that it was a battle of who could have the straightest legs and pointed feet, I was thinking that we are dancers who have technique and that’s just how we dance. But I understand that for the Cha Cha, we needed to be less “prim and proper” to really capture the essence of the style and perform it the way it should be performed. But I hope that the audience watching at home felt like we did the Cha Cha justice.

I was so anxious when I stepped up to hear my weight loss for the week because even though I knew I had the extra dance point from winning the Ass-a-thon, Latoya had lost so much weight this week that I really didn’t know if I could have lost enough to beat her and win the week. But I did! With my weight loss, dance score, and the extra point, I beat Latoya by .1, giving me immunity for next week! So you’ll definitely be seeing me perform for 2 more weeks! And I hope many more than that!

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