I had to dance for my life.

By permanenteditor
About a year ago my aunt called me and told me that she thought that I should audition for DYAO. She said, “Bre, I think that this would be good for you, and you can dance so you should go audition.” That was how I got to the point of having to try out for the show.

Once we got to finals weekend, we had to go through a medical evaluation, and this was kind of scary for me. When I was going through the medical evaluation, I was a little scared at what the doctor would say, especially when he told me I had a chance of being a diabetic.

Once they starting calling names of contestants on the show, I stopped breathing. Omg! Standing there waiting for my name to be called was really nerve-wracking. The anticipation was killing me, I had to dance for my life, and I was just unsure as to whether my name would be called, especially since I was the last name to be called. I looked around the room and thought to myself, there are so many others here that could make the show, and when Mel. B called my name I was in shock. My heart started beating again and I started to breathe. It was something that I had never experienced before.

Going into the show, my goal is to win! My hopes are that what I learn here I can take back home and teach my family, who also struggles with weight. I want to inspire them and show them it can be done. Another goal that I have is to be able to lose close to 80 or 90lbs.

What makes me unique is that I am able to do things that girls my size are not normally able to do. I like to consider myself a go-getter. There is not a dance style that I can’t make look good. I am not only a dancer; I am a performer. What you can expect this season is a rollercoaster of emotions that when watching you can’t help but feel like you are living this journey through me.


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