I had to figure out a way to get to that audition.

By permanenteditor
Hey there, my lovelies! This is my very first blog ever!!! I am STOKED! Can you tell? ANYWHO...Auditioning for DYAO was completely my idea! I stalked last year's show, and I told myself if the show came back for another season only HELL and HIGH WATER would keep me from auditioning. Enter HELL and HIGH WATER...the audition closest to my hometown (Dayton, Oh) was in Chicago. Being the broke college student I am, I had to figure out a way to get to that audition. I couldn't scrape any extra cash flow together. A good friend of mine, Miss Dee Morton, told me not to give up and took me to sell all my clothes, shoes, and books. With the money I earned, we made our way to Chicago! We slept in the car outside the audition and prayed like crazy! See what prayer does...LOOK AT ME NOW, BLOGGAS!!! LOL!

The medical evaluation was less than awesome. I mean really! Dr. Gellar and his amazing staff more than made up for my little phobias, though. I couldn't even tell you the last time I visited the doctor (HELLO, BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT OVER HERE!), let alone got a full evaluation. What I love about Dr. Gellar and his staff is that I didn't feel like I was being judged about my weight. They all genuinely wanted to help me and see me do my best. When I'm all hot and healthy, I'm going to go back and give them all high fives! TRUE STORY!

Getting chosen for DYAO was like winning the lottery, getting kissed by a hot guy, and eating a slice of my grandma's pound cake all in one! I mean, WOW! So many big, beautiful, and ballsy people auditioned...and I made it. I thank God soooooo much! The opportunity is so much bigger than me. I want to change my life and in the process inspire every little chubby girl to go out and make her dreams a reality. The funny thing is I'm not afraid to do this in front of America. Mark my words...THERE WILL BE A BRAND NEW KIKI VERY SOON!

I cannot even begin to explain my hopes and goals for this show! Twelve remarkable, awesomely talented, super unique, and dead sexy people have been chosen to change their lives. This isn't just about me...it never has been! I want to see us all make it! The winner will not be who wins the $100,000, but the people who truly get their lives back! I hope that the steps each of us has taken to get here inspires people to make the moves necessary to get it together. My goal is to swoop me a gentleman, though! HEY BOO!

Okay people, so I'm kinda AWESOME! I'm serious! I am not being cocky—facts are facts! LOL! I think what makes me unique is my outlook on life! I believe that joy and happiness can be found in JUST ABOUT anything, minus the treadmill. I don't have time to sit around and be bummed out...I gotta live! Plus, my mom thinks I'm cute. Oh yea and I have blue hair, a crazy fashion sense, and lots of tattoos! HA!

What you guys will see from me this season is a glass case of emotions! Happy at breakfast, pissed in the gym, and confused about life! Yup, in that order! This is going to be one amazing season...get ready!


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