I lost more weight than I imagined was possible.

The thought of wearing a swimsuit in front of others scared me. Wearing a swimsuit was something I avoided for several years. I didn't want to face how overweight I had become, so it was just easier to cover up or just not go swimming. Being in the house and starting on this new journey to reclaim my life and my body, I said to myself, I have come further than I ever imagined, so it was time to face one of my fears and put that swimsuit on with confidence. At that moment I said to myself, I would never be this size again. I am so happy for how far I have come. After putting on the swimsuit and getting over my fears, I realized that I needed this to happen. It truly was an eye opening moment for me, and hosting a party for the people who helped us get this far was exciting. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed myself. I even learned some great tips about how to eat healthy at a BBQ and still have fun. The pool was very cold but my muscles were hurting so bad, that the cold water really relaxed them.

The DYAO summer BBQ was very different from any BBQ I had been to in the past. In the past I would have had two burgers, two hotdogs, pasta salad, potato salad, chips and dip and lots of soda and anything else that was available. I would have eaten so much that I would have been busting out my clothes and feeling so bloated. At the DYAO BBQ, I ate garden salad with chicken koba and veggies, and for a snack I had a few healthy chips and a little salsa. I was satisfied and felt great. I was full but not overwhelmingly full. After I added up my calories, I still had room to have a healthy version of a drink. I really had a great time and it taught me that everything we're learning about healthy eating can all be done at home and maintained.

The pool workout was very different, I never thought you could get a good workout in a pool, but the General showed us just how to do so. It was great, an awesome therapy for my knee. My body needed a change and the pool workout was just what I needed. I had so much fun, and I'm a true water baby and it had been a long time since I had been swimming. "Due to my weight gain," it was the one activity I cut out of my life because I was embarrassed about how my body looked.

The new, improved way Rachel showed us how to jazz up a salad was just what I needed. I was starting to get in a food rut, everything was getting boring and I needed a change. Rachel helped us understand the importance of making the salad colorful and have texture. The salad Rachel created looked so good, I ate it for my lunch that day. That's the day salads became my best friend and a new love interest.

When I was told I would be doing pop jazz again, I thought to myself, the judges have already seen me do a very similar style, so I have to work ten times harder to show how much I have improved from the last time. I think my performance went well. I was still dealing with my injury so it was very hard to be full out during rehearsal and even in the gym. In the end, I was able to push past my injury and try my hardest to give it 150%. I feel that my pro partner and I really tried to embody the essence of summer time fling, and we had a great time doing this dance.

My weight loss up until that point was very up and down, but I was losing weight every week, which was a great feeling. I lost more weight than I imagined was possible. I feel great about my progress so far, I have lost 26.1 pounds in 5 weeks I couldn't ask for more. I'm so thankful for everything that I have experienced so far. Losing 4.7 lbs. in one week was amazing, given that I'm on my cycle and it's very hard to lose weight during that time of the month.

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