I realize that this is my time to give 110%.

When I found out I was going home for a few weeks, I was excited to go home and finally see my friends and family but I was nervous because doing everything on my own is going to be the biggest challenge yet.

I owe a lot of credit to my Las Vegas Family...a lot of them are Performers on the strip who pride themselves in eating right and taking care of their bodies. So when I came home ... they were all very supportive and they were all on board to live even healthier lifestyles too. My roommate, who has 0 body fat on his body, even joined in with me on my healthy eating habits. I also had my Family from Fresno, CA checking in with me to make sure I was on track...they know how bad my eating habits were and they were just as nervous for me to give in to the Temptaion of "Temptation City." Having this type of support was exactly what I needed to continue losing more weight.

I also knew I wanted to create "challenges" for myself just like Lee (the general) does every week to see if I could achieve the same type of "mind over body" results. Two of my biggest personal "challenges" were to 1. Run the Las Vegas Strip from beginning to End and back. It was 12.5 miles plus 12 staircases. My recorded time is 2 hrs 28 seconds...what an accomplishment. 2. My athletic friends took me for a hike to the top of the "Red Rock Mountains." It took us 1 hour to reach the top of the mountain, and I truly felt like I was on top of the world. To stand at the top of a huge Red Rock Mountain and know I just rock climbed my way up was also such an overwhelming experience for me because I have never and would never have been able to do any of this type of physical adventuring...I also worked out for 2 to 4 times a day. On a good day I would do a workout 2 hrs in the day and 2 hrs at night. A bad day was a 1 hr workout during the day and 1 hr at night. I worked out every day. I remember a few times I was so tired, I fell asleep and forgot to go to the gym. When I woke up at 2 am, I got dressed and drove to the gym to work out...I needed to know that I did not give up on myself...I realize that this is my time to give 110%. This way I know in my heart I have given all of myself to this journey of learning to be the best version of myself and when I return to the competition, I could live with the fact that I gave my "ALL" every single moment. I must shout out to my friends who have believed in me and have been by my side thru this...Bebo, Miguel, thank you for working out with me and being my gym partners...Alain, thank you for being on board with the nutrition, and to all my Las Vegas/L.A./Fresno Friends/Family who gave me encouragement to never give up...I love you guys! I also want to shout out the amazing GlamRockSTARZ who are my new Friends! Every week I’m able to see your Loving words. I do this for myself but also to inspire us to be healthier better versions of ourselves. I send you all a GlamTastic Thank you! You’re all GlamRockSTARZ to me!

IT feels so great to see everyone...OMG I missed these guys...Although this is a competition, I have created Family-like bonds with each of them, and I have great respect and Love for each individual person. When I saw my Bri Bri (Briana) I was so Happy, I missed being with my partner, seeing her gave me so much joy. She and I were together from the beginning so here we are at the end of this journey and I needed her support and encouragement more than ever, love ya mama! hehe... Everyone looks GlamTASTC! And sooooooooo freakin goooood! I would have to say out of the Girls, Katie looks like a GlamRockSTAR OMG... so proud and happy for her... and Michael looks great too! I have to shout out to all the contestants. My Mer Mer (Meredith), you’re so cute and I adore you I can’t believe how great you look sista. I’m so happy to hug you, Special Suacie (Erica) you look like a hot mama, KiKi dayum sista you tiny in that waist and I’m loving the shaved side hair. Rock it ... Sarah I adore you...Stephanie you’re cute. Corey dude you’re lookin like a stud brah and Caleb looks good too.

I have to say at this point I am welcoming of the twists and turns this competition has presented hehehehe. I can’t tell you how nerve-wracking it is...but there is one thing for sure. I always keep a positive outlook and try my BEST to Win! Of the 3 who were given another chance to dance off to be in the competition, I felt Katie was the most trained dancer and I have seen her extra dance abilities...this is why I felt she was an even bigger threat. In the end, Michael worked and earned his place to compete in the finals. I say well deserved!

In the first performance with Michael and LaToya, it was fun to dance with them on the dance floor. I felt I did a good job ... It was nice to perform in my smaller body, and I can move my body easier.

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