I really felt like a star in the making.

By permanenteditor
Being the last girl in the competition made me so sad cause Stephanie was my roommate and I'M REALLY GONNA MISS HER. Now I'm left with me and 3 men and my eyes are wide open. We’re down to the final four, and I'm competing with the three guys who single-handedly sent 8 contestants home, one by one. I knew if wanted to stay in this competition my focus would have to be on point. All areas of competition were up for grabs and I had to go above and beyond. Plus it was time for my women’s cycle, which in the past almost cost me the competition. So I was very scared to be the last girl standing, but I was also proud of myself for making it this far against all odds!!

When we found out we would have to perform one of our worst styles of dance, I was a little taken back. The last time I did the Cha-Cha it was a hard week, and the judges called me a prim and proper dancer. I talked to my partner about how I felt and asked him why would I want to perform my worst dance of the season. I love my professional partner Brandon, cause he always views the cup half full and not half empty. Brandon has truly been my rock throughout this season, from his strength and ability to pick my big butt up from day one, to his phenomenal talent and his encouraging words. Brandon has always helped me refocus when things started to get out of whack. Brandon was truly a Godsend for me!

Being pampered Hollywood-style was a great treat. We were given packed lunches from our nutritionist Rachel and Hollywood tans. I really felt like a star in the making. I think it’s the one thing we think about growing up, what it would be like to be a star. To live a day in life as a star, but what you don't see is how much work it takes to pull it off: the packed schedules, the constant going and coming. It’s a crazy lifestyle, but it was a great feeling.

When they told us we would be performing a solo, I was excited and nervous. The great thing about a solo is if you mess up no one knows. The other great thing is that it was a chance to show the judges another side of us as dancers. This was an opportunity for the judges to see just how different our bodies look dancing since the first time they ever saw us dance our little solos was at the audition. It's always frightening doing a solo cause everyone is just looking at you and you have no one to lean on.

OMG it was great to work with Travis from "So You Think You Can Dance"—only my favorite show ever, other than "Dance your Ass Off". I was so floored to have the opportunity to get feedback from one of the winners of SYTYCD and such a fabulous dancer in the industry. Travis told me to use my plie as much as possible, don't look down during my jumps and stay connected to all the movement. Travis helped me polish my solo, and it was great getting an outside perspective.

Okay, so Mel B has some of the best legs I've ever seen and she complimented me on my legs. I was smiling from ear to ear cause that was a great compliment. Getting my legs in shape was a combination of dancing every day and running on the treadmill, which helped my legs tone up. Also the General loves squats, which are great for toning the legs as well.

I can't believe I made it in the semifinals, a dream come true, the last girl standing. I'm speechless; words can't express how excited I am. It’s one step closer to the big showdown, and I get one more opportunity to dance and continue on this journey of losing weight and getting healthy.

Whenever anyone leaves the house it’s a somber moment. Corey and I weren't really that close, but it was still hard to see him go. Corey worked extremely hard in the gym and the dance studio. Corey grew through dance while he was in the competition and expressed that he would be taking some classes after the show. Corey, You Rock Sweetheart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep dancing and pushing forward.

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