I think I performed my heart out.

By permanenteditor
I was very shocked to hear that we would be going home after 10 week of sweat, blood and tears. I just wanted to finish the competition, but then Mel B explained that this at-home process would give you a chance to see how it would be in the real world as well as show everyone at home in America that this process can be done by anyone. The process we went through is a life changing journey, a total different way of life. It’s a true lifestyle change for the better, the ultimate test to prove that what we accomplished here in the house is truly something that the average America can maintain.

I have very supportive family and friends, who helped me stay on track. After coming home and them seeing how much weight I had lost, everyone was adamant in making sure I stay on track. I put all my papers from my nutrients up on the wall in the kitchen, and then I placed the picture of myself from the first day in the house in my weigh-in outfit on my fridge so I could be reminded everyday of how far I have come and where I never want to go back to. I also worked out everyday. I went to the gym in the morning to start my day and did aerobic three times a week with my Aunt Mitzi and worked out at home every night. I also followed the same plan with my nutrients, eating six times a day, smaller portions. It was not easy, but I slowly learned that it was a lifestyle that could be maintained with preparation.

It was great seeing everyone again. Everyone looked fabulous and I was so happy to see that everyone continued to maintain and work hard. Some people had a harder time than others, but that's life, and it teaches us that nothing worth working hard comes easy, and the more effort you put in the greater success you get. I looked around at everyone and a few people’s success stood out: Katie and Kiki changed the most in my eyes and they looked outstanding. I'm so proud of everyone, cause they all looked fabulous.

I felt like if the other contestants went home and continued working hard on their weight loss with no idea that they would be let back in the competition, they deserved it just as much as someone who remained in the house the whole 10 weeks, cause they were doing it on their own. In my eyes, that showed their determination to continue on the life-changing journey to a healthy life and life of longevity. We all started off in this house obese out-of-shape people and today we stand before America, changed people with a new outlook on life and that is an amazing feeling. We all have grown as people inside and out, and this is the last step in the process towards our new lives.

I feel like Michael winning out of the three to become a finalist was like he never left, the final three stand together as one, once again. We all worked hard to get to this point and it was the final moment of truth.

In the first performance, I felt like I left it all on the dance floor, I performed to the fullest of my ability. This was the moment I dreamed about, and there was no time for regrets or “shoulda coulda woulda.” It was the final game time and I think I performed my heart out.

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