I took the challenge head on.

By permanenteditor
I have worked very hard each week to take the judges’ critiques and use them to grow as a dancer. Now...I haven't always taken the critiques quietly or without a fight, BUT I have listened to the judges and tried my best to improve in their eyes. When I found out that we would have a second chance to perform a dance style that I actually felt I should have scored higher on, I took the challenge head on. I want to be here for as long as I can, so I know that if it’s gonna happen, then I have to "sell" every dance style from this point on!!

I LOVE BEING PAMPERED!!! I never have enough money to do it up in style so when DYAO set us up with acupuncture, spray tanning, prepared meals, etc...I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH! I really feel like this treatment was the blessing we all needed to survive this hectic Hollywood week!!

I have to tell you that when I put those boots on for the Boing workout and stood up, I was 2 seconds away from my a** hitting the dirt...the boots were very difficult for me to get used to but once I got the hang of it, I was jumping for Jesus...the amount of "air" that you get with those boots on is scary! This workout turned out to be one of my favorite because at this point in the game it is becoming harder and harder to sweat...within 3 minutes of doing the Boing class, I was sweating like a prostitute in church...LOVED IT!!

Have you heard that saying "I'll sing SOLO (so low) you can't hear it"?? It doesn't work when it comes to dance! I freaked out a little MOSTLY because it came at me SO unexpectedly...I really did think that as the Final Four we were having a photo shoot...LITTLE DID I KNOW!!! I am going to attack this solo like I do every week with other dance styles...I am here trying to get the judges on my side, to finally "feel me" on the dance floor so hopefully with it just being me out there by myself, maybe they will take a second look and REALLY see me...I'm gonna give it my all BUT next time Mel B, can we do a photo shoot instead?!?!

Travis is a phenomenal dancer and I feel so lucky that he took the time to give me pointers for my solo! Travis saw that I was having an issue with my pirouette and told me that I was pulling back and not up...just those simple words helped me a GREAT deal!! Thanks and Praise to Travis Wall for being so AMAZING!!

My objective since day 1 has been to make it to the FINALS...the semi-finals are SUCH an accomplishment BUT I really want to go all the way! I want to inspire that person out there that thinks they can't accomplish "impossible" tasks. I think that is the main factor in why I have always been large throughout life...I just thought it was impossible to lose the weight at this point in my life so I gave up, I didn't care and I ate without remorse. I now know that if I put my mind to it, THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE!!! I am so thankful to be in the semi-finals and I know that it’s all uphill from here BUT I can RUN up that hill NOW!!!

It was VERY HEARTBREAKING for me to see Corey go! I know that most of you guys think that we contestants might look at it as "another one down and I'm that closer to winning" but for the most part, I NEVER wanted to see anyone go...WE ALL NEEDED TO BE THERE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! With Corey it was sad but not as bad as some of the others, simply because I formed such a strong bond with Corey that I knew I would see him again soon. I LOVE COREY...who would ever think that the "Bouncer" and the "Sassy Performer" would become such great friends?!?


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