I understood why she was going to try to perform.

When I first heard that we were having a BBQ I got so excited! I thought, finally some good fun, no stress, no work, a break from all kinds of production, and some much needed time for relaxing. I mean at this point we’ve been in the competition over a month with no television, no internet, no radio, no iPODS—only in the gym off camera, no contact with anyone outside the house, so we really really needed a few hours to let loose.

So first we think the BBQ will be catered with healthy food, but then we find out that we are preparing everything...2 hours before guests are supposed to arrive! So I start by cutting up a large platter of tomatoes, onions, lettuce etc...all kinds of condiments and add-ons and put them in the fridge. Next with Briana’s assistance we set up the outside area, with furniture from the house and create different areas to sit, with end tables for drinks and food. Then Latoya and I fill up tons and tons of little balloons for a surprise water balloon fight that we thought would be fun between the contestants and our pro-partners.

So having gotten so much accomplished and not quite sure what to do next, I head upstairs to start getting ready. Now, getting ready for many girls can take a few minutes, and by a few minutes I mean a few hours. And honestly I’ve felt like I haven’t been able to really feel like myself since I am ALWAYS SWEATY AND GROSS going through 4 changes of workout attire a day! So I definitely wanted to just this once, have at least 45 min to shower, blow-dry my hair, get some good makeup on because guess what, we have to host this BBQ summer party in swimsuits! Of course 5 minutes after I get upstairs, the 2nd half of the cast arrive back from rehearsals and I can hear them talking about how pissed they are that some of us, think that they don’t have to do anything to help. Now I have thrown a few parties, house parties, pool parties, themed parties, and I didn’t know what else could possibly need to get done, and of course no one could tell me they just didn’t want me to be getting ready while they were doing things. Well it seemed silly to me to take the frozen salmon and turkey patties and leave them outside in the sun when they say on the package, do not defrost before cooking. I mean, there was really nothing that was so urgent that everyone couldn’t just stop for 10 minutes, put themselves together, and see what was needed once the party had started. I mean come on, isn’t that when you really see where you need more soda, or tomatoes, or ice?

So I went back up stairs to finish putting my bathing suit and sarong on. OK so onto wearing a bathing suit in front of all the hot dancers, and our cast mates, and Lee, Rachael and Jordan. To say I was less than thrilled would have been an understatement. I have not worn a bathing suit at a resort, at a non-private beach, at my friends’ pool party, KATIE DOES NOT WEAR BATHING SUITS IN PUBLIC. I just thought if I ever got in a bathing suit, it would be at my goal weight or much closer to it, and not on national television. I’m not exactly sure why but the one-piece bathing suit was much harder then standing in my weigh in outfit. I think the weigh-in outfit is something necessary to get an accurate weight and only needed to be worn for 10 minutes and felt necessary, where a bathing suit for a few hours in front of people you would always like to impress just didn’t seem fair. But I did it, I sucked it up and put on that bathing suit and hosted that party smiling.

So finally we are all about ready, well except Stephanie, who will not come down till she finishes her make-up and feels ready in her bathing suit. I totally understand not wanting to be in a bathing suit, but she has a one-piece on, and she has these amazing runner legs! There has never been one ounce of fat on her legs, no cellulite since day one, which of course is when I first told her I was jealous of her legs and it’s certainly not fair that she be “obese” and still have those great legs!

This party was a bit different than some other parties I’ve thrown or been to. First we had learned how to make low calorie, much healthier alcoholic drinks. LaToya and Stephanie were in charge of those and I must say did a fantastic job. This was also my first BBQ without hot dogs and hamburgers. No red meat! But instead Corey was in charge of the grill and barbequed salmon burgers, turkey burgers and veggies. He did a great job! I even did a little grilling near the end of the party.

Lee’s pool workout this week was a great change in routine. All of us have injuries of some sort at this point and to get to do a low-impact workout in the pool was perfect. I was really surprised at how hard it was and what a good cardio workout it was.

On performance day I wasn’t there when Briana initially was injured. I heard later that she got hurt during dress rehearsal and was at the doctor’s office. When she returned minutes before the show she said that she had probably torn one or both her ACL and MCL, I thought “You can’t dance on that injury! OMG what are you thinking!” We then were all told that the rules state if you don’t perform, then you are automatically eliminated, so I understood why she was going to try to perform.

We were all on pins and needles watching the monitors back stage. I saw how much pain she was in and then she jumps off the bench to do her jump and when she lands, BAM! Her knee goes out and she goes down. Mario and I were gripping each others’ hands so hard during the performance and at that point I got so nauseous and stood up because I thought I was going to throw up right then. I just felt so bad for her. I wish she would have altered the choreography; I would never have tried to do that trick. This is a competition but we are all here to make sure we get healthy long term. That one extra impact on that knee could mean her never walking or running or dancing ever again. I don’t understand why she didn’t just stay on one of the levels or started on the floor, or something so that she could have gotten through the routine without injuring herself more. I just didn’t think she was taking care of her body. My heart went out to her, but I do think there was a better way to go about performing in a way that could have kept her in the competition and not risked injuring herself permanently.

This week I danced to Miley’s “Party in the USA” and it’s such a fun bubbly song, which is much more my personality than the previous numbers. Mario and I really thought that this week was our opportunity to show the judges more of who I am. So we decided to do a more theatrical piece, telling the story that Miley is singing about. I was so excited to perform it, since my background is in theater. Of course once we got on the stage and into the space some of the choreography became more challenging. We had been receiving notes that I wasn’t covering the space as other contestants had been doing and that they wanted to see more. So this week we put in turns, jumps, lifts and I learned a new trick, the 2-person cartwheel, and we traveled everywhere!

But unfortunately it still wasn’t what the judges were looking for. I was really disappointed with the comments I received. They never commented on the fact that we took all of their notes from the previous weeks and applied them to this routine and performance. I’m not saying that I was perfect, but I really thought some of the notes I got concerning theatrical routines and performance were then contradicted in other contestants’ comments. But oh well, I love performing with Mario and we gave it our all and had a great time. So we have another shot next week to impress them and hopefully once again I will say, no more sixes on the scoreboard!

We are all going to miss Briana and wish her a quick and speedy recovery! Love you girl!

We think you might also enjoy some candid pics of Katie here.

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