I wanted to be someone's inspiration.

I HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THIS JOURNEY...I have had the opportunity to experience something that very few people have had the pleasure of experiencing.

I have learned to not take one moment for granted, I have learned that the true answer to being happy in life is to learn to LOVE YOURSELF...no matter what size you are, how attractive or unattractive you feel, you must learn to wake up every morning and be thankful and live your life not regretting one single minute!! I have also learned that to TRULY change, you must sometimes take a step back and reanalyze every decision that you have made in your life to get you where you are at this point...THE HERE AND NOW!! Have you done everything you can to ensure your own happiness?? That’s what matters the most...BE HAPPY WITH EVERY SECOND YOU TAKE A BREATH...BE HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE ONE MORE MINUTE OF YOUR LIFE TO SHARE WITH A LOVED ONE!!!

As far as LaToya being the DYAO Season 2 Champion...I celebrate her...in order for me to fully achieve everything from this competition, to become not only a physically better person, but also an emotionally revived person...I must learn to let go and let God...did I want to win...YES VERY MUCH SO...I wanted the title...I could have cared less about the money...I wanted to be someone's inspiration...by people stopping by my Twitter page or my Facebook page and leaving words of kindness and words that let me know that I was in one way or another inspiring them to get up and do something about becoming a more fit person...these words and actions mean more to me then 100,000 dollar bills...call me what you may, but never be mistaken...I HAVE ALWAYS CARED ABOUT EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT HAS WALKED INTO MY LIFE...I wish everyone much love and I hope and pray that my journey has in some way touched you and inspired you...I LOVE AND RESPECT YOU ALL!!!

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