I'll get "buck" as much as I can to improve my chances!!

By permanenteditor
I am slowly getting used to this everyday exercise regime' BUT 13 flights of stairs is just downright HATEFUL!!! My objective was to make it to the top and still be able to maintain the use of my legs for rehearsal...this is also a dance competition, so I'm definitely gonna need those legs to hip hop battle it out!!

I will start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Adamme...are you guys surprised by that?? ;-) I immediately knew when Mel B. called Adamme's name that there was no way in hell that he was gonna pick Brianna or KiKi out of the remaining 3 choices SO that leaves me, the white boy, the easiest target out there. All I can do at this point is give him a run for his money! If ya'll don't think I know that I'm the underdog here then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I have affectionately nicknamed Adamme, LaToya, Briana and Stephanie the "GOLDEN CHILDREN" and as for the rest of us, we are the "STEPCHILDREN"...just calling it like I see it! LOL

This whole "buck" thing is so confusing to me! When I hear "buck" I think of money and that couldn't be any further from the true definition. As far as performing and being as "buck" as I could be...I think I did an ok job...my objective in this competition—other than losing weight—is to be the best dancer that I can be...always striving to improve out on the dance floor and I do feel that I am accomplishing that and want to stay in the running for as long as I can. I'll get "buck" as much as I can to improve my chances!!

I really struggled with House choreography for the first couple of days...it was so damn fast and even though I have lost a great deal of weight up to this point, it’s still hard for me to whip all this plus-sized-ness (I made that word up) around!!! Love the music and love the fact that Adamme and I get to play with each other on a sarcastic level throughout our dance routine!

EVERY WEEK IS TOUGH! I know that the journey will continue to become more difficult, and I feel that those who can hang and work hard will remain steadfast and excel throughout the entire season! We have already lost some AMAZING people and I want to not only do well for myself but also pay respect to those that have gone home because I know that they wanted this just as much as I do...I want to make EVERYONE proud!!

Here's a little insight as to what I'm thinking while standing up there on the scale...I DON'T WANNA GO HOME, I NEED TO BE HERE, I WANT TO BE HERE but at the same time, I am standing with two people that I have forged a bond with and quite honestly I don't want them to have to go either!! I LOVE KIKI & COREY...it's VERY difficult to stand up there with two of your favorite people knowing that it's a good chance that my performance in the gym could very well send one of them home...LORD!!

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