I've sometimes hidden who I truly was.

By permanenteditor
For me, being overweight and considered MORBIDLY OBESE, I really had no desire to hear what Dr. Geller had to say. I've purposely stayed away from any medical appointments in the past, because I felt that as long as I didn't hear that I was so unhealthy, then I really wasn't unhealthy (that's called self-denial folks!). The death of my father has always made me feel very cautious around any subject related to my health. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH to find out that I was indeed on a path of destruction and needed to change my ways IMMEDIATELY (of course I already knew this but chose to ignore it for YEARS!).

The process that I went through in order to be on this show was VERY grueling. It was a close call for me due to my family history of heart disease. I kept thinking to myself, "You have to do this WITH OR WITHOUT the show. You are one year away from a monumental birthday...at 37 years old your father had his first heart attack and if you don't make a change in your life then you won't be here to celebrate all that it has to offer!" After going through all the cardiovascular tests and finding out that my heart was indeed healthy, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I feel that my main hopes and goals are all related to being a better person, not only visible in the physical sense but also repairing myself from the inside out. I've done some pretty stupid a** things in my life and if I could go back and change those things I would, BUT as with all that we do in our lives we face the consequences and continue on our journey. This is the path that I need to take in order to become all that I want to be not only for myself but also for my family and friends as well!

I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve BUT I also take a sarcastic approach to many obstacles and people along the way. If you don't want to hear MY truth then don't ask me! You can be sure that I'll not only do my best to bring it on the dance floor but I'll also give you some things to think about along the way! Oh and P.S. I'm always scared about stuff happening so be prepared for all my paranoia and sassiness!

This season, you can expect to see the REAL me...for years I've sometimes hidden who I truly was...mostly in part to my wonderful family and the fact that I wasn't sure if they, along with my friends from the past, could handle all that I am. I have learned how to shed that insecurity and now I am ready to show EVERYONE who Michael is...GET READY PEOPLE!!


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