Just go for it.

I am HAPPY and PROUD to be on Season 2 of Dance Your A** Off! I tried out for DYAO to fulfill my desire to be a Renaissance man, and the ability to dance would be the last piece of the puzzle.

The medical evaluation was interesting, and it made me feel special.

My hopes and goals are simple, to dance my ass off and also to be an inspiration to people across America. Well, what does that mean? When I say inspiration, I mean I want to reach out to the big kid who might be a little shy and nervous when it comes to a lot of things in his life, whether it is walking up to pretty girls or giving speeches. He should be FEARLESS, and that's what I want my being on DYAO to inspire people to do: just go for it, whatever happens happens, and at least you'll never have to say you didn't try.

I think what makes me different from the rest of the competitors is that I will not have ill will towards the other competitors once the competition begins. I'm just here to shake my ass, shed some pounds, and have a good time. You can expect to see a lot of sweat and personality from me this season.


For more on Caleb, read his bio here.

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