My story was all about personal growth.

By permanenteditor
It was definitely hard losing my dance partner Caleb last week. Seeing how much work he put into this process made me realize how difficult the competition really was. It was especially hard because I got to know him really well in that short time that we worked together. Seeing him leave made the competition so much more real.

Reaching the top of the mountain was liberating. Being at the bottom of the mountain, I felt as though it would be impossible to reach the top. But once I finally did, I felt so accomplished.

This week, my story was all about personal growth. The track that I get to perform with my partner for the first time is all about getting to the next level in life. I was so happy and honored to perform again. The story I was trying to convey is about moving forward in your life and enjoying your confidence and celebrating yourself.

The moment before I hit the stage, I feel anxious and nervous. But once the music starts, it all fades away and the fierce, energetic side of me takes over and I just feel so sassy and confident. All about a good performance!!

When I found out I made it to the next level, I was fired up! I couldn’t wait to get back to work and bring it even harder for the next week. It was definitely a huge wave of relief to be able to fight another week and prove myself.


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