She seemed to become more demanding and Diva-like.

I’m always nervous when presented with each week’s challenge. These dances are exactly just that—challenging. Vai and I had such a great time dancing the Jazz number. The prop was to use 2 chairs. It was challenging but I have so much Fun and Joy while dancing with the beautiful Vai that it all seemed to be right on!

To have my twin brother show up to the dinner and our performance was the best surprise ever. He is the titter to my totter, and we balance each other out. After a week of emotional imbalance, I needed some good ole Leo Twin positive power! I Love him so much. He and I have had differences but our momma always taught us to talk it out and work thru difficult times. It is obviously the rich love and respect we have for one another, and he is the mirror image of me. Our tears of happiness and pride for one another are captured and this is our REAL RAW NATURAL EMOTION. I’m so grateful to have a touch of Family to push me forward. He gave me words of encouragement in private; simple but profound, "You’re doing great brother, don’t let bad people get to you... you’re a STAR already and WE LOVE YOU, Keep Fighting."

It felt surreal to know "I actually did it." I made it to the final moment, my dream of Losing weight and Dancing and being one of the last ones standing proves that I have put in the hard work and my Dreams are being realized...Every week I have moved forward in the competition. I Look up to God and all my supporters and say Thank you. I was thrilled to reach another double-digit 10 lb weight loss. Making it into the finale was exactly the "Good news" I needed coming out of this rough week.

Regarding the tension between LaToya and me, first of all, there is NO excuse for bad behavior. This week I behaved badly and I am embarrassed of my behavior. I want to take this opportunity to apologize 1st to my mother (who taught me to always respect women no matter what) and all my Friends/Fans (GlamRockSTARZ) who witnessed my very dark moment. I also want to take this moment to explain what led up to this uncharacteristic confrontation and my explosive behavior.

My whole life I have always been a passive person when it comes to confrontation. However, confrontation has never been my strong point. My history has been to see the best in people and always give them the benefit of the doubt, even when they have shown me otherwise. Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve learned a lot about conflict resolution through talking things out. Oprah Winfrey has played a big part in my growth. I strive to put into practice all the things I’ve learned from watching her show and by watching Dr. Phil and all the other relationship experts. She has always handled herself in a professional and dignified way. I’m always striving to be the best version of myself and a positive influence on others.

I’m a twin, so as Normal, Twins are Natural Born competitors. Tensions in the house had been getting very high. LaToya was not on her best behavior when she was around me, and it was getting to me. Other people in the house were also experiencing tensions. At the family dinner, I did take it upon myself to open the floor for discussion and conflict resolution for all of us. I have learned in the past that talking things through is always the best solution. LaToya and I had bonded and been friendly up until that moment, but there were some issues that I had with the Negative behavior she was displaying when she was around me and I wanted to talk things through like adults and like friends. When I told LaToya that I had some issues that I wanted to discuss with her in private, she immediately shut me down. I truly thought we were cool, but then she told me she could care less about any of us and that she did not feel a family connection. Honestly, that offended me, and my wall went up. Nothing in that moment was resolved and my feelings began to fester. LaToya’s behavior did not change. In fact she seemed to become more demanding and Diva-like, which added to the frustration I’d been experiencing with her, and my feelings did not change. She was really getting to me, but I just kept suppressing those feelings and tried to focus on my personal growth in the competition.

Going into the semi-finals was very stressful. All of us were under emotional and physical stress and exhaustion. It was down to the final three, and we were working very hard to make it to the finale. I had a lot on my mind that day. I was not in the best mindset to tolerate any type of Bossy Negative Energy. We were all in the gym doing circuit training, where you train on one machine and jump to another. No, I did not wipe down the bike. I agree that I should have, but I was so focused on the workout that I jumped from the bike to the pulley machine. Instead of asking me in a respectful way to wipe down the machine, LaToya in her told me in her typical demanding tone to wipe down the bike. Which was my final straw. I could no longer stand by and accept her rude and bossy comments. I’d had enough. She had talked down to me for the last time. I snapped. My blood was boiling inside and I just went off on her. My true intention in that moment was to tell her "enough is enough, I will no longer allow you to get away with treating me or others in your entitled bratty way."

Let me add that in the playback, you see me upset at LaToya speaking down to me and referring to me in a condescending tone, "sweetie." Now I obviously had 2 plastic water bottles in my hands and my body language was hunched over and non-aggresive, yet when LaToya explained to Tiana how I stepped up to her with my hips forward in gangsta fighter pose and was ready to hurtle over the bench and punch her, it is totally completely a lie. Please Play back and you will see. LaToya also says that You can’t trust Adamme's words, he will turn the switch on ya. I’m asking you to really look at who’s turning the "switch" on here?

Obviously, I did not handle my emotions the right way. I strive to be the best version of me every day, but I let LaToya get the best of me in this one small moment. My co-workers, colleagues, Family and friends will tell you I am a naturally kind, loving person, always willing to compromise and come to an agreement, but even kind and loving people have limits. LaToya pushed me to my limits. Whether it was a competitive strategy or LaToya being her true self, I’ll never know. I take every experience, good, bad, & ugly as a learning experience. What I have learned from this particular experience is that I have a lot more growing to do when it comes to dealing with people who aren’t willing to talk and work through problems. In my everyday life, I would have accepted LaToya’s words when she said she could care less about any of us and I would have simply moved on. She would no longer have been a part of my life. The fact of the matter is that we have a few more weeks to live and work in the same space. I needed to speak out loud. It is unfortunate that I let my emotions get the best of me and I was not able to effectively convey what had been bothering me for so long.

You must know I only Love and I don’t Hate. My life’s motto is "I’m a lover not a Hater ever"! I do however Hate that I allowed myself to get out of line and show my ugly. This does not happen much in my life and I don’t deal well with it, I took a huge risk in being seen in a bad light, but I needed to stand up for myself and all the others and let the truth be told...I do not like when people mistake my friendliness and being accepting/passive as a weak link to be pushed around. I had enough of that my whole life and this time I was ready to speak out loud. My friends and my brother have even made fun of my attempts at using bad words, they say even when I cuss I sound nice.

I will cherish Michael and his fun character...Michael and I met in L.A., and he was actually the 1st person I remember having a interaction with. I’ll never forget when I rushed home to tell my Best Friend Monica about him...I said there is this guy who has the heavy country accent, this boy has southern Twang and Drawl all mixed together, and he’s funny and totally interesting. I never would have thought in that moment he and I would be roommates and standing in the top 3 of DYAO season 2 together. I’m grateful to have met Michael and I wish him all the best...I commend him on his ability to speak his mind without offending everyone in his presence. He shared some loving words with me before departing the show, "Stay strong Adamme, and I feel you are deserving to win." Michael, thank you for your Friendship, and even thru this competition we truly created a life long friendship. I’ll see ya soon mi amigo!

I feel truly feel blessed and lucky to have been giving this once in a lifetime opportunity. I always keep in mind the viewers and loved ones who are supporting me thru this journey. I feel a responsibility to be a positive and good role model on this amazing platform. I must once more apologize to you all, My fans range in age from 2yrs old (baby Elijah) to 88yr old (Pat of Fresno). I allowed a negative source to get me to a low place. I was very upset and you can see on my face that I’m uncomfortable and I take the moment very seriously. LaToya on the other hand is smiling, laughing and full of joy. I don’t understand this type of person...crying, sensitive and totally emotionally overwhelmed most of the time, and now in this dark low moment she is happy, full of smiles and laughs. I quote LaToya, "I take situations like this and use it as fuel. I don’t plan on letting what happened between me and Adamme affect my performance and making it to the top." In the end, I forgive LaToya and I say God Bless her for her ways. I hope, after all I have forgiven, in her weeks of negativity, she will let me live this one small moment down. But if not, I let go and let God! I repeat in the words of Oprah Winfrey, my Role model, "When you know better, you do better.” I wish I would have known prior to this moment how to deal with this type of personality, but the truth is I don’t normally encounter this type of personality in my everyday life. In the end, I am grateful for the risk I took speaking out loud because I walk away learning a valuable lesson and that is to not waste my positive, friendly energy and emotions on people who are not willing to listen and talk it thru.

GlamRockSTAR :)

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