Single-leg Floor Touch to Jump.

Wow! The cast was treated like rock stars in Vegas and definitely was tempted. They were exposed to the real world at its best. One of the hardest things to do is make the proper food choices, especially if you have huge buffets like Vegas does. Rumor has it that Stephanie wasn't eating the best on her way to Vegas. And a few cast members had one or more shots with Mel V at the club. This was the ultimate temptation while being treated as VIP.

I think it's important to reward yourself once you accomplish a goal, but in a competition like this, every second counts if you want to stay in. Also, the cast didn't have a chance to work out while in Vegas with the exception of Adamme. He snuck out of his room early in the morning to get a 30-minute run in. I was actually proud of this decision he made, but I guess he wasn't suppose to and broke the rules, so he had to forfeit a workout with me later in the week.

With all of this temptation, when the cast got back, I had to pick it up to make up some ground. One of the exercises I chose was the single-leg floor touch to jump. This is a great exercise to get your heart rate up, work on stabilization, and burn your glutes and legs while eating those calories up. Just make sure you try to land as soft as you can. 20 each side.


*You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

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