Single-leg Squats.

After a great, hard first week of training, we have made some really good progress. It was sad to see Caleb get eliminated because he was such a hard worker in the gym. But in this competition, you have to work hard in the gym and dance your ass off!

We will be focusing on building each cast member's foundation and base of support: their legs. They will be on these more than probably any other point in their life during this show. One of the best ways to build leg strength is to do single-leg squats. It forces all of the little stabilizers to work overtime from your foot to your hip in order to maintain balance. Also, as opposed to doing squats with both legs, this will allow each leg to gain its own strength so one leg can't compensate for the other. 20 each side.

*You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

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