Thanks Dance Your A** Off for giving me my life back.

By permanenteditor
The Rumba Room was so much fun! I have never seen anyone dance the way these professional Latin dancers were moving. Then when Paul and Mel B came through the dancers, it was so fun to see them shaking it too! They were working it out!

The Ass-a-thon was my favorite challenge that we had to date. I was sure I was going to win though. I had my mind right and I was totally focused. There came a point when we were just down to four of us left, that I started getting really excited. I think my excitement really threw me off. For that split second I messed up a step, which Tiana saw and quickly called me out on.

I picked Kiki to be my partner because I didn’t really know her very well, and I thought the two of us as a team would really be a good pairing. I had also seen how good Kiki was with working her hips in week 1 when she did booty cranking and I thought that was what this dance really needed. When Mel B told us that we were working as a team though and would only get one score as a team, I got a little nervous. I just told myself that I would do whatever it took to help Kiki in any way I could so that our routine would be great. Kiki and I never had drama in the past. I just never really talked to her in the house. I am a very cliquey person and Meredith was my best friend in the house. When she left, I realized that I needed to open myself up to the rest of the cast and I saw this as a good opportunity.

I felt like my routine was the hardest of the whole week. When they turned the tempo up on us, I was so scared! Jesus and Joshua were such amazing professionals to work with though. I honestly can’t believe how talented Joshua is! You look at him and just think he is a hip-hop dancer, but you are so wrong. He looked like he had been doing Latin dancing his whole life. I love him. No one will ever understand how hard the dance truly was unless they did it themselves! I am really good at picking up dances, and it was much harder for Kiki. We worked day and night on this routine so that she would get it perfect. We were even rehearsing seconds before we went on stage! At the same time I am glad that I pushed myself, and I feel like I did the best that I could do considering I had never danced a Samba before.

I felt awful when I was eliminated. I came into this competition to win and prove to myself and everyone else that I am a good dancer and that I can lose this weight. I have been struggling with this weight my whole life and dancing is something that I love so much. When I found out I was going home, I felt like the two things I had been working so hard for had been ripped out of my hands. I was also so sad because I didn’t want to lose Joshua. We had become so close in those two weeks and I felt like I had let him down. He is a winner and I didn’t want to make him a loser. He told me from the beginning that I can do anything when I didn’t believe in myself and I am so grateful that he was my partner. The bottom line is that I should have lost more weight than Kiki, but it was my time I guess. I worked so hard in the gym that week and it didn’t show on the scale. That was just so unbelievable to me. I ran one of the fastest miles, worked out more then three hours a day in the gym and danced my ass off and it still wasn’t good enough. In the real world losing 3.6 lbs in a week is an amazing accomplishment, but on Dance Your Ass Off it sends you home. That was really hard for me to grasp.

I felt like I had lost over 5lbs that week. None of my clothes were fitting, my face looked different in the mirror, and I just felt so much better. On our Sunday outing, I had to buy a lot of new clothes because everything was way to big. I was in such shock when 3.6 lbs lost was all I had accomplished. But the show gave me back something that I had forgotten that I had, which was my love for performing. I have been performing my whole life and when I was younger I wanted to perform for thousands of people and this show gave me that. I hope that I can continue in the future whether it is in my singer career, acting, dancing, or just my love for the stage.

Dance Your A** Off was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time, and it has inspired me to keep pushing myself. I also want to thank my friends and family for being so supportive through this time. Without their support I am not sure I would have been so strong. I also want to say to all of the overweight people out there who think that they can’t do it, please think again. Hey if I can do this, honestly anyone can do this and I hope I can bring some inspiration to those people. I also want to thank my fans for being there. I know the whole Regina Mina really being Sarah Smart was a shock, but they have all still stood by me through this adventure and I hope that more fans will come from this. I love talking to people and I am willing to reach out to anyone who needs guidance.

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Thanks Dance Your A** Off for giving me my life back and relighting that spark inside of me that had died out so many years ago. I love you all! Xoxo, Sarah

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