There was strength inside of me and I made it the top.

By permanenteditor
When we all arrived to the building, I just knew whatever was in store for us was going to be intense.

Actually having the challenge revealed to me, having to run up 13 flights, I remember thinking can I do this. Am I ready to try? I thought back to Runyon canyon and remembered that even though I was super small, there was strength inside of me and I made it the top. It had been a couple of weeks and I had become stronger physically and mentally. I was ready to prove to myself that you really can do anything. I was ready. Bring it!

I was super excited for Hip Hop Week. I was really able to find my confidence again dancing hip hop with my gorgeous Oskar and I thought that this week would be right up my alley in terms of dance style. Battling Corey I thought would be extremely appropriate and super cool to watch. Corey always was super fun for all of his hip hop routines and I had never shared the stage with him, so I figured this would be perfect. I knew I had to bring my A game to hold my own against someone as charismatic and charming as Corey.

That entire fruit smoothie situation made me extremely uncomfortable. I knew that I had never been one to comment on anything that anyone in the house was eating and I felt like I was being watched and more than that, being judged unfairly. It really got on my nerves. For the record, I was counting calories, cutting my servings in half and making my smoothie only with water.

The Crank performance was super fun. I never knew I had that sort of movement inside of me. I felt super cool expressing a hip hop edge and I had a great time with everyone on the stage. It also was nice winning the battle, especially because Corey was an amazing competitor, full of energy and made me work for it!

I totally agreed with Mel.B. about this week being the roughest for everyone. For me, I felt as though the first couple of weeks, the fact that I even made it on the show was enough to keep my spirits high and my energy level up. However as the weeks went by and our dance routines were getting more difficult and our workouts longer and harder, it became more obvious to me that this was going to be the most challenging experience of my life. We all were so exhausted. Great week but tough!

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